NavaLive Telemedicine

NavaLive: Holistic Telemedicine Doctors

Now you can get the expertise of Nava’s integrative medical specialists from anywhere in the USA through NavaLive! Nava Telemedicine is a cutting-edge telemedicine service that offers patients 2-way video conferences with Nava’s expert staff.

Before NavaLive, clients who didn’t live near our headquarters couldn’t get access to Nava’s team of medical experts and holistic therapy options. Now you can skip the waiting room and meet with a holistic Nava telemedicine doctor, no matter where you live.

Nava Telemedicine is now available to anyone who has struggled to find relief from:

  • Fatigue
  • Chronic Pain
  • Digestive Issues
  • Low Libido
  • Symptoms of Menopause
  • Stubborn Fat & Difficulty Losing Weight
  • Brain Fog
  • Headaches
  • And Much More

Experience NavaLive: Schedule Your Nava Telemedicine Appointment Today

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How Does NavaLive Work?

NavaLive is much like any video conference you may have experienced through Skype or Apple FaceTime, but it is protected and secure under HIPAA standards.

You’ll receive the same services and benefits as our clients that visit our headquarters, except instead of consulting with a Nava practitioner face to face, you’ll do so over the video conference.

You schedule your Nava Telemedicine appointment just like any other doctor’s appointment, but instead of having to travel to a doctor’s office and sit in a waiting room, you simply activate the conference call on your phone or tablet when it’s time for your appointment. You are immediately connected to your doctor.

Your Custom Vitality Plan & 4 steps to living life at 100%

You will have your health concerns and symptoms addressed with what we call your Custom Vitality Plan. This is a personalized roadmap of integrative medical treatments and holistic therapies that work to solve the root cause of your illness or symptoms.

Each Custom Vitality Plan is 100% unique to the individual it’s designed for. Those plans are developed using Nava’s proven 4-step process:

  1. Start with a 30-minute assessment going over Nava’s proprietary assessment, your health goals, and medical history with a medical practitioner.
  2. We pair your assessment with comprehensive diagnostic testing to inform your custom vitality plan.
  3. Receive your Custom Vitality Plan. Your Nava Telemedicine doctor will help you connect the dots from all the information that we have gathered to show you the root cause of any current conditions or symptoms as well as how to address these health issues.
  4. Your Nava Team will monitor your progress and adjust as necessary.

Even our local clients prefer the convenience of Nava Telemedicine

“I can’t get the kind of expertise offered at Nava anywhere close to my home. Having the virtual appointments is very convenient and lets me get the healthcare I want from the convenience of my home.”

Nava Health

“I run my own business, so taking time to go to the doctor hurts my bottom line. With NavaLive, I can keep myself healthy and get back to work without missing a beat.”

Nava Health

“Instead of having to take time off of work, I was able to have my appointment from my car on my lunch break. It worked great!”

Nava Health

“Yes, I love this! Even though I only work a block from Nava, it’s just more convenient to have my appointment through NavaLive.”

Meet Our Holistic Telemedicine Doctors

At Nava, we not only expect our medical practitioners to be experts in their field, but also to share our passion for holistic and integrative medicine. Our doctors must also be compassionate and patient-centered with excellent bedside manner.