Sexual Vitality for Men

BHRT for Low Libido and Sexual Performance

The causes of low libido or impaired sexual performance in men are often related to decreased levels of the hormone testosterone. As men age, levels of testosterone naturally begin to decrease, and so you may notice symptoms like low libido and erectile dysfunction. Bioidentical hormone replacement therapy (BHRT) is a safe, effective treatment for imbalanced hormones and low testosterone. It can help restore your sexual vitality and vigor, leading to a healthy and happy sex life.

Peptide Therapy for Low Libido and Sexual Performance

Peptides are small chains of amino acids that your body naturally produces. They’re vital signaling molecules that tell your cells to perform essential functions all over the body. As we age, our bodies slow down the production of amino acids, which in turn reduces peptide production. Peptide therapy can restore your peptide levels to health, and help heal frustrating symptoms like decreased sexual desire and lack of energy. Your sex life and sexual performance will be back at their peak with this efficient, safe treatment option.

Shockwave Therapy for Erectile Dysfunction

Shockwave Therapy is a new, natural, and innovative treatment for erectile dysfunction. It works by sending concentrated sound waves to clear plaque out of your blood vessels and stimulating growth of new blood vessels. It takes just a few minutes and addresses the root cause of erectile dysfunction to give you lasting relief and a return to effortless pleasure.

Sexual Vitality for Men – Introducing the P-Shot® for Men


Achieving a satisfying and healthy sex life can significantly contribute to overall wellness and self-confidence. At Nava, our experts strive to innovate in our approach to client health, and we now offer a pioneering procedure for men experiencing sexual dysfunction. While discussing sexual health can often be difficult, our specialists create an environment where such conversations feel easy and supportive.

Nava Health physicians have specialized in integrative, functional, holistic, preventative, and regenerative medicine since the company’s formation in 2014. Our doctors are well-equipped to provide tailored advice, ensuring solutions that suit each client’s unique body and individual needs.

P-Shot Therapy for Men

Introducing the P-Shot for men. Revolutionary sexual enrichment procedure’s that are redefining sexual pleasure, function and spontaneity by harnessing your body’s own restorative potential through a procedure called PRP.

Platelet Rich Plasma…The Magic of Growth Factors

PRP is the latest, most innovative, all-natural sexual rejuvenation therapy available today that provides a non-surgical opportunity to restore sexual health and more. Here’s the magic of PRP….the platelets in our blood naturally contain numerous growth factors that provide important biological functions, such as stimulating stem cells and promoting blood vessel formation. In other words, PRP harnesses the natural power of your body’s own restorative potential and it has minimal to no side effects and risks.

These procedures are non-surgical and all-natural, with little or no pain, and can be performed in less than 30 minutes at our health center. The physical benefits are significant, but the physiological and emotional benefits can truly transform your life. Finally, there’s a solution for men that can restore confidence and unlock your ability to live life at 100%.

The P Shot harnesses your body’s growth factors to improve your sexual performance and experience.

Common Benefits:

  • Increased penis length & girth
  • Improved penis circulation
  • Improved erection quality
  • Heightened sensation & pleasure
  • Ability to eliminate ED prescriptions

How Long Do P-Shot Injection Results Last?

The P-Shot may offer benefits that extend beyond those of other treatments. Many clients at our facility find that a single injection can enhance erectile and sexual health for 12 to 18 months, providing prolonged improvement.

Are P-Shot Results Permanent?

Although the outcomes are not permanent, they often last longer than other erectile dysfunction treatments. The P-Shot tends to provide extended benefits even if it’s not a permanent fix.

Is This Treatment Right for All Men?

P-Shot male enhancement can be a viable alternative to treatments like artificial hormones, blood pressure medications, and physical pumps. Many men prefer this method due to the potential for fewer side effects. Typically, this treatment is suitable for men dealing with various sexual health issues.

Who Are Good Candidates?

P-Shot injections are safe and effective for most men. Our professional team determines eligibility after a thorough physical exam and detailed consultation about your symptoms, especially those related to sexual drive and performance. Ideal candidates typically include men who haven’t had success with traditional treatments and those aiming to:

  • Boost sensation
  • Enhance sexual interest
  • Improve erection quality and durability
  • Deepen intimacy with partners
  • Support overall sexual wellness
  • Treat skin conditions like lichen sclerosus of the penis
  • Correct penile curvature caused by Peyronie’s disease


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