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Medical Weight Loss Program* - NavaRX

NavaRX combines a medically supervised diet with a once-weekly injection of  semaglutide (similar to Ozempic). This medication reduces hunger, improves blood sugar, and supports weight loss. Combined with the ‘personalized to you’ nutrition and physical activity programs, NavaRX can help you achieve your weight loss goals and maintain your weight loss after you conclude the program.  

What does the NavaRX Weight Loss Program Include: 

  • The close supervision of a physician 
  • A customized nutrition and nutraceutical plan designed by a Board-Certified Clinical Nutritionist  
  • A weekly injection of semaglutide
  • A personalized integrative services plan to address various factors contributing to weight gain, including IV micronutrient therapy, acupuncture, massage, and more.  

Who Can Benefit from the NavaRX Weight Loss Program: 

  • This personalized medical weight loss program may be best suited for losing 10 or more pounds. 
  • Most age groups can benefit from NavaRX featuring semaglutide.  
  • People who have consistently struggled with yo-yo dieting will benefit from the expert education our Board-Certified Clinical Nutritionists provide, teaching you how to stop fearing food and start eating for sustainable weight management.  

How does NavaRx Medical Weight Loss Program Work? 

NavaRx is a holistic program designed to help you lose weight and discover and address the root cause of your weight gain. So how exactly does our weight loss program work? 

Step 1 – Get Your Customized Medical Weight Loss Plan 

To get started, we review your history, understand your weight loss and wellness goals, and conduct an in-depth assessment. Your initial appointment can be in person or through a convenient video consultation with a Nava practitioner. 

Based on your consultation and assessment results, your Nava provider will present a customized plan designed to help you achieve your weight loss and other wellness goals. 

Step 2 – Active Weight Loss 

NavaRX combines a medically supervised diet with a once-weekly injection of semaglutide.  Semaglutide or a similar drug Ozempic is a glucagon-like peptide-1 receptor (GLP-1RA) agonist. GLP-1 is an incretin hormone that’s naturally produced in our digestive tract when we’ve eaten a meal, and it plays a part in helping us feel full and satisfied after eating while stabilizing blood sugar levels by increasing insulin release from the pancreas. Natural GLP-1 doesn’t last very long in the body, which explains why people often feel hungry a couple of hours after eating.   

Semaglutide lasts longer in the body than natural GLP-1, so you only need a once-weekly injection. This modification means semaglutide is prevented from being broken down in the body, helping it to be a long-lasting and effective treatment for weight management. As a result, gastric emptying (or the digestive process) is delayed, so you feel fuller longer, even after smaller amounts of food. Essentially, it helps you feel fuller longer and stabilizes your blood sugar, so you have fewer cravings and consume fewer calories. Ultimately, this results in weight loss.   

While actively losing weight, you will be supported with personalized nutrition counseling to teach you how to eat healthier, based on your body needs and other needs, and incorporate integrative targeted treatments to help you succeed long-term. 

Step 3 – Weight Management 

To keep the weight, you have lost off; we encourage you to continue with your Nava nutrition plan. We know that the foods you consume can help energize your lifestyle and nourish your entire body in pursuit of wellness. The Nava team will support and help you adjust to this lifestyle change so you don’t feel overwhelmed. You will learn how to make informed food choices, plan meals, shop, and cook healthy, nutritious meals that support your weight management. 

This is not a One Size Fits All Program! 

Our NavaRX program targets healthy and sustainable weight loss by addressing the root causes of weight gain. At Nava, a healthy weight is achieved when the body is balanced. Unfortunately, extreme caloric restriction and yo-yo dieting do not promote balance, so we have designed a program to optimize sustainable weight loss through targeted pharmacological therapy, diet, nutraceuticals, and lifestyle interventions.*. 

Our Nava practitioner’s medical supervision and the education and direction from our Board-Certified Clinical Nutritionists are essential to achieving optimal results. The final ingredient for success, not only in the short-term but for long-term maintenance, is your commitment to the program.  

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Don’t Take Our Word For It.

Nava Health

“I had been overweight for over 20 years since my pregnancy. With Weight Watchers I was able to lose weight, but it never stayed more than a few months. Today I am more than one year in and still sticking with it!

My health has improved to a state I was beginning to think impossible. I recently had a check-in office visit with a specialist doctor who said to “keep doing what you’re doing.”

Would you recommend Nava? Yes, absolutely, it is not a one-dimensional approach. I feel I am addressing multiple issues and learning what works for me.”

– Janine

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A Personalized Weight Loss Program*

NavaRX Medical Weight Loss ProgramNavaRX medical weight loss* combines a medically-supervised diet with a once-weekly injection of semaglutide.

NavaRX is different than diets in that we provide Nutrition Counseling, nutraceuticals, and other integrative treatments that optimize weight loss and increase chances of success. The diet teaches and trains you how to eat cleaner and healthier. So we use an integrative approach and provide much more support, which is why our clients are so successful.

Maintaining Your Natural Weight Loss*

Once you have completed NavaRX Weight Loss, we recommend you experience our unique Nava Nutrition Plan, which provides a supportive, informative, and realistic approach to healthy eating. Our Nutrition Plan is a sustainable program for natural weight management that can help you maintain weight loss and reap the benefits of healthy, nourishing meals and snacks. In addition, our wide variety of natural weight loss products are also there to support you at every step of your weight loss* journey.


  • The weight loss results vary based on program adherence, medications prescribed, metabolic factors, and other possible medical conditions.