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Bioidentical Hormone Therapy (BHRT) for Women

As women age, their reproductive system goes through some significant changes. The ovaries work less effectively, and as a result, the production of reproductive hormones declines. This natural biological process is called menopause, and in many cases, it is accompanied by symptoms, including insomnia, low sex drive, fatigue, anxiety, and weight gain, which may disrupt your overall health.

What is BHRT?

Bioidentical hormone replacement therapy (BHRT) is an effective treatment option for women to help alleviate distressing hormonal imbalance symptoms. BHRT for women involves the use of man-made hormones created from natural sources like yams and soybeans and designed to be chemically identical to those the body produces to restore balance and alleviate symptoms related to hormone imbalance in women. By working with our qualified hormone specialist at Nava Health, you can rest assured that your treatment plan will be tailored to your unique needs, with careful monitoring and adjustments to restore your health and balance.

Symptoms of Hormone Imbalance in Women

Hormones are little chemical messengers in the body that help regulate and control a whole host of major body processes. This includes metabolism, heart rate, fertility, appetite, sleep patterns, moods, stress levels, and body temperature.

One slight hormonal imbalance can affect your whole body and have a negative impact on your physical and mental well-being. If you are experiencing one or more of the symptoms below, you may be suffering from a hormonal imbalance:

  • Fatigue
  • Depression
  • Mood swings
  • Night sweats
  • Hot flashes
  • Low libido
  • Difficulty sleeping or insomnia
  • Brain fog or memory loss
  • Weight gain
  • Vaginal dryness
  • Endometriosis
  • PMS

While there’s a common misconception that only women going through menopause can benefit from hormone replacement therapy, in reality, women of all ages can suffer from imbalanced hormones. These symptoms can range from mild to severe and disrupt your life and health. But there’s help available in the form of safe, effective bioidentical hormone replacement therapy for women of all ages.

Benefits of Hormone Replacement Therapy for Women

Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) can be beneficial for women experiencing hormonal imbalances or going through menopause. It offers relief from various menopausal symptoms by restoring hormone levels, helping to rebalance the body, and improve overall well-being.

Bioidentical hormone replacement therapy is a natural form of hormone therapy treatment and is effective in managing hormonal imbalances in women. Since bioidentical hormones are custom-made for you, your body absorbs them easily, and your treatment plan can be customized to your current hormone levels. This personalized and targeted approach to hormonal balance and overall well-being can enhance the effectiveness of bioidentical hormone therapy.

Based on the results of your in-depth self-assessment and comprehensive wellness diagnostics, your Nava practitioner may determine that BHRT is the best way to help you address the side effects resulting from menopause or other hormonal fluctuations. Nava’s bioidentical hormone replacement doctors can use the delivery method best suited to your body’s needs. In order to achieve better results, Nava’s BHRT program is often paired with our exclusive hormone supplements.

BHRT for Menopause

Menopause is one of the leading causes of hormone imbalances in women. Most women experience changes due to menopause around age 50, but symptoms can start to surface much earlier. These distressing symptoms, like hot flashes, vaginal dryness, night sweats, insomnia, brain fog, and others, can affect your life and damper your joy.

While menopause is a natural process, there are few treatment options available that are truly effective. Lots of women wrongly believe that they have no choice but to tough it out and wait for these symptoms to disappear. But these symptoms can have a serious impact on living your life to the fullest.

Thankfully, BHRT is a safe and effective solution called that can put an end to all the symptoms of hormonal imbalance women in menopause and perimenopause experience. At Nava Health, we’ve pioneered a groundbreaking strategy designed to restore your imbalanced or depleted hormone levels due to menopause, stress, or an underlying health condition.

By thoroughly evaluating overall hormone function, a Nava bioidentical hormone physician can assess the source of your hormone imbalance or deficiency before making any recommendations.

Learn More About Hormone Therapy for Menopause

Nava’s Hormone Optimization Therapy is unique because it’s not limited to bioidentical hormones (for safe and optimal hormone optimization) but also provides Adrenal Recharge therapy and Thyroid Balance programs. Nava’s Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy, administered by a Nava practitioner, can help you recapture the balance and energy of youth.

BHRT for PMS and Estrogen Dominance

Pre-menstrual Syndrome (PMS), also known as estrogen dominance, is a complicated mix of hormonal changes and bodily reactions that can seriously affect how a woman feels and her overall quality of life. Estrogen dominance is a condition that arises when the levels of estrogen outweigh those of progesterone during specific phases of the menstrual cycle. Diet and excess body fat can also contribute to elevated estrogen levels. Consequently, this imbalance disrupts the overall harmony of hormones in the body, potentially leading to further complications.

Although PMS is commonly regarded as a normal part of the menstrual cycle, its symptoms can significantly affect your overall well-being. These symptoms, such as bloating, weight gain, acne, headaches, fatigue, and insomnia, can take their toll on you. If you experience severe PMS, bioidentical hormone replacement therapy can provide assistance and relief to alleviate these distressing symptoms.

Nava practitioners may address estrogen dominance through a medically supervised weight loss program, liver support, as well as bioidentical progesterone in a capsule form. In addition to hormone therapy, Nava’s hormone specialist doctors use an integrative approach for balancing hormone levels, which may include weight loss, acupuncture, blood sugar maintenance, thyroid support, and stress reduction.

BHRT for Low Sexual Drive in Women

Low libido in women can stem from various factors, such as hormonal shifts during pregnancy and menopause, sexual dysfunction, or hypoactive sexual desire. But hormonal imbalances are mainly responsible for low sex drive in women. When estrogen, testosterone, and progesterone levels are out of whack, it can directly affect your sex drive and overall sexual health.

This is where bioidentical hormone replacement therapy for women comes in. By carefully assessing your hormone levels and tailoring your treatment, BHRT can restore your hormonal balance to restore a healthy sex drive.

Additionally, BHRT can improve other related symptoms, such as vaginal dryness or discomfort, which can negatively affect sexual pleasure. Your Nava Health practitioner will talk to you about your concerns and any other symptoms you’re experiencing to determine the treatment path that can help restore you to a healthy, happy sex life again.

Restore Your Hormones with BHRT

If you are a woman experiencing unpleasant hormonal side effects due to menopause, perimenopause, PMS, or other conditions, your Nava practitioner may be able to help. They’ll determine, after a targeted examination and diagnostic testing, if Nava’s bioidentical hormone replacement therapy doctors might be able to help improve your health and wellness.

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