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Sexual Vitality Treatments

BHRT for Increased Sexual Vitality

Hormone imbalances affect both men and women, and they can have many symptoms that affect sexual health and levels of desire in people of all ages. Lowered levels of testosterone and estrogen can have a negative impact on your formerly fulfilling sex life, leading to low libido and difficulty performing and enjoying sex. Fortunately, BHRT (bioidentical hormone replacement therapy) offered by Nava Center can replace your hormones using a formulation that’s identical to the ones your body produces naturally, and you can see relief from hormone-related low libido and an increase in sexual vitality.

Peptide Therapy for Increased Sexual Vitality

Peptides are short chains of amino acids that are typically naturally produced by our bodies. They act as signaling molecules in your body, and tell your cells and molecules what functions they need to perform. As we grow older, our bodies gradually produce less of the essential amino acids we need to produce peptides. This decrease in the production of amino acids can result in a variety of symptoms, including lowered sexual desire. Peptide therapy offered by Nava Center can restore your energy levels and increase your sex drive with safe, effective treatments.

Rejuvenate Your Sex Life

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Revitalize Your Intimacy with O-Shot for Women and P-Shot for Men 

The O-Shot for women and the P-Shot for men are two revolutionary sexual enrichment procedures that are redefining sexual pleasure, function, and spontaneity by harnessing your body’s own restorative potential through PRP. 

Platelet Rich Plasma: The Magic of Growth Factors 

PRP is the latest, most innovative, all-natural sexual rejuvenation therapy available today that provides a non-surgical opportunity to restore sexual health and more.  

PRP taps into your body’s own regenerative abilities. Packed with growth factors, PRP stimulates stem cells and encourages the formation of blood vessels, rejuvenating tissues and enhancing sexual health. Because PRP is derived from human blood, it offers minimal to no side effects or risks. 

Restore Confidence in Yourself and Strength in Your Relationships 

These procedures are all-natural and non-surgical, with little or no pain and performed in 30 minutes or less. The physical benefits are significant, but the physiological and emotional benefits can be limitless and transformative.  

You can finally benefit from a solution that can restore confidence and unlock your ability to live life at 100%. 

O-Shot for Women 

The O-Shot uses growth factors to rejuvenate the vagina for an enriched sexual experience and treatment of urinary incontinence.  

Common Benefits: 

  • Increased sexual feelings 
  • Greater arousal from clitoral & G-spot stimulation 
  • Increased lubrication of the vagina 
  • Tightening of the vagina 
  • Improved vaginal orgasm ability 
  • Stronger and more numerous orgasms 
  • Decrease of pain with intercourse 
  • Resolution of urinary incontinence 

P-Shot for Men 

The P Shot harnesses growth factors to improve your sexual performance and experience.  

Common Benefits: 

  • Increased penis length & girth 
  • Improved penis circulation 
  • Improved erection quality 
  • Heightened sensation & pleasure 
  • Ability to eliminate ED prescriptions 

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