The Nava Center Prescription for a Healthy Weight Loss

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Medically Reviewed
October 16, 2020

If you’re considering trying to lose those extra poundsyou might feel excited when you start a new diet – and then discouraged again when you’re not seeing results fast. Or, you manage to lose those last few pounds, only to see them pack back on after you go back to your everyday eating habits.  

What Weight Loss Options Are Available?

If you want to lose 15 pounds or more in a sustained way. Then the answer is the NavaRX medical weight loss program 

Diets typically fail for many reasons. Sometimes, they’re too complicated and restrictive to adhere to for a more extended period. That means you might see results fast but soon gain the weight back as you have trouble sticking to such a strict, complex dietDiets are also often hard to stick to for the long term on your own. You start to feel unsupported and discouraged and fall off the wagon and back to old eating habits.  

Weight Loss Can Be Tricky

At Nava Center, we know weight loss can be tricky. We also know it’s important for various reasons – being at a healthy weight means you can be more active, reduces the impact of many chronic conditions, and helps you feel your best.  

So, we developed the NavaRX weight loss program to help you reach your weight loss goals under the close supervision of a medical professional. Our plan combines a medically recommended low-calorie diet with the help of a natural hormone that boosts your metabolism and unlocks your body’s fat stores. We’ll also add a few essential supplements, so your body functions at its peak while you shed the pounds 

The NavaRX program gives you the medical (and emotional) support you need to achieve your weight loss goals. Going it alone can be risky and prone to failure. But with the Nava Center team on your side, tailoring your program to your unique body and goals, you will feel supported and healthy through the whole process.  

What’s Included in the NavaRX Program? 

We include a prescription of a peptide called Semaglutide with your low-calorie diet for maximum effect. This peptide is designed to reduce body fat by regulating your metabolism and stimulating your body’s natural fat-burning process. It also keeps you from getting too hungry or raising your blood sugar and lapsing into starvation mode. 

Our NavaRX program is unique because we also provide you with nutrition counseling, nutraceuticals, and our wide range of integrative treatments along the way. This helps you optimize weight loss and health at the same time and increases your chances of success at losing weight and keeping it off.  

And once you’ve reached your goals, our support doesn’t stop there. Our Nava Nutrition Plan gives you a supportive, realistic plan to nourish your body for the rest of your life.  

Nava Health Can Help!

Interested in learning more about our unique NavaRX program? This could be the first step on your real, lasting weight loss journey. Start with a no-obligation phone consult today by contacting us at 800-672-6282. Your journey to health starts here!

Article Name
The Nava Center Prescription for a Healthy Weight Loss
If you want to lose 15 pounds or more in a sustained way and keep those pounds off, the answer is the NavaRX medical weight loss program.