Weight Loss Program in Bethesda

Weight Loss Program in Bethesda

Have you been struggling to lose weight naturally? There are so many diets and so-called “experts” out there that it can be frustrating to try to lose weight.

But what if there was a better way?

Nava’s revolutionary, medically supervised weight loss program in Bethesda has helped hundreds of people from Gaithersburg, Rockville, Silver Spring and elsewhere across Montgomery County.

Instead of hype and fads, our weight loss program is built on hard science and monitored by physicians. What’s more, our weight loss program leads to results that last because we address your complete health, not just numbers on the scale.

Nava’s weight loss program provides you with plenty of support to build healthy habits for a lifetime. We provide you with nutrition counseling, nutraceuticals, and holistic health treatments tailored for your body so that you are as successful as possible.

Our plan works for many reasons, and you can read about the details below, but the bottom line is that we customize your weight loss program to your specific needs and support you throughout the process.

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Achieve Lasting Weight Loss in Bethesda, MD with NavaRX

NavaRX is a personalized medical weight loss program designed to help you reach your goals and keep the weight off. Located conveniently in Bethesda, MD, our program combines cutting-edge medication with expert guidance to create a sustainable path to success.

What sets NavaRX apart?

  • Medically Supervised: Our Bethesda-based medical team oversees your progress and ensures your safety throughout the program.
  • Customized Nutrition Plan: A Board-Certified Clinical Nutritionist creates a personalized diet plan that fits your preferences and needs.
  • Weekly Semaglutide Injections: Semaglutide helps you feel fuller for longer, reducing cravings and leading to weight loss.
  • Integrative Services: We offer various services like IV micronutrient therapy, acupuncture, and massage to address underlying factors contributing to weight gain.

Benefits of NavaRX:

  • Lose 10 or more pounds: Our program is ideal for individuals seeking significant weight loss.
  • Break the Yo-Yo Cycle: Learn healthy habits to avoid weight regain and manage your weight for the long term.
  • Expert Guidance: Our certified nutritionists empower you to make informed food choices and develop sustainable eating habits.

How NavaRX Works:

Step 1: Get Your Personalized Plan

  • Schedule a consultation (in-person or virtual) with a NavaRX practitioner in Bethesda to discuss your goals and health history.
  • We conduct a thorough assessment to create a customized weight loss plan tailored to your unique needs.

Step 2: Active Weight Loss

  • Combine a doctor-approved diet plan with weekly semaglutide injections to achieve sustainable weight loss.
  • Receive personalized nutrition counseling to develop healthy eating habits that support weight loss and overall well-being.

Step 3: Weight Management

  • Learn how to maintain your weight loss with our ongoing personalized nutrition plan.
  • Our team in Bethesda will support you as you adjust to a healthier lifestyle.
  • Develop lifelong skills for meal planning, grocery shopping, and cooking nutritious meals.

Not a one-size-fits-all approach:

NavaRX focuses on addressing the root causes of weight gain to promote healthy, sustainable weight loss. We believe in a balanced approach that combines medication, diet, lifestyle changes, and expert guidance from our Bethesda-based medical team.

Ready to take charge of your health and achieve lasting weight loss? Contact NavaRX in Bethesda, MD today to schedule a consultation!

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