Wellness Diagnostic Testing

Nava Advanced Wellness Testing

Nava’s Advanced Wellness Testing services include everything from comprehensive blood tests that test your bio-marker levels to a brain chemistry panel that finds imbalances in your neurotransmitter levels.

These wellness diagnostics tests are designed to pinpoint the cause of your symptoms and help our practitioners develop therapeutic treatments to help you live life at 100%.

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Wellness Testing Services Available:

Comprehensive Wellness Diagnostic Test:

Our comprehensive wellness diagnostic test is the key to identifying the root cause(s) of any symptoms you may be experiencing. It consists of a comprehensive wellness blood test that tests over 60 biochemical markers and a full consultation of the results and is the starting point for all of our new patients. This wellness blood test lets our doctors identify any hormonal imbalances you may have and put together your Custom Vitality Plan (CVP) based on these imbalances. Your CVP is your roadmap to achieving your health goals and living life at 100%.

Additional Diagnostic Testing:

Adrenal Function Profile

Do you feel overloaded with stress? Or maybe you are constantly fatigued or have insomnia. Nava’s advanced Adrenal Function Profile is designed to see if hormone imbalances are the cause of your problems.

Advanced Micronutrient Profile

Everybody absorbs nutrients from food at different rates. This test will find which nutrients your body is naturally poor at absorbing and allows our practitioners to create a targeted repletion plan for you.

Brain Chemistry Panel

The Brain Chemistry Panel identifies imbalances in your neurotransmitter levels. These imbalances are often the cause of symptoms such as anxiety, depression, and ADD.

Food Sensitivity & Intolerance Testing

While certain food allergies are easy to identify, food sensitivities can be less simple to pinpoint. Many food sensitivities, which often go undetected, can lead to inflammation, which is linked to a variety of health issues including obesity and heart issues.

Sophisticated DNA Testing

Testing our patient’s genes helps assess how quickly a treatment will be metabolized, how well a therapy will work and even the likelihood of an adverse reaction, so we can design and tailor your ideal treatment and dosage plan.