Acupuncture In Boca Raton, Florida

Nava Health takes a unique approach to acupuncture therapy in Boca Raton— one that combines acupuncture with a unique blend of integrative wellness services, treatments, and products. Because we know that all of the different parts of the body are interconnected, we do more than offer acupuncture; we provide personalized wellness plans using our proprietary Nava Method.

When used as part of a custom wellness plan and with our other integrative services, therapies, and premium-grade nutraceuticals, acupuncture can be a powerful tool in your longevity roadmap. Acupuncture in Boca Raton stimulates various body points, promotes the body’s natural energy flow, and balances its meridians.

Nava Health

The Unique Nava Method for Achieving Greater Wellness

Whether you are hoping to enhance your weight-loss experience, assist with pain management, promote hormonal balance, or provide support for various bodily functions like fertility, immunity, energy, or autoimmune disorders, the services that our licensed acupuncturists provide at Nava Health can be helpful.

We offer acupuncture as part of our personalized wellness plans, created through the four-step Nava Method. Here is how the process works:

Assessment: We discuss your history, goals, and how our in-depth, science-based, proprietary assessment and protocol can help you.

Diagnostic Phase: We get to the root of your wellness concerns using comprehensive lab work that evaluates 65 biochemical markers (nearly double what a typical physician reviews). Through an in-depth visit, we discuss your results, their implications in detail, and the personalized wellness plan we’ve created for you.

Custom Vitality Plan (CVP): We customize a proprietary, algorithm-based plan based on your assessment and diagnostic results for your specific situation and needs. This plan may include premium-grade nutraceuticals and supplements alongside services from professionals like a massage therapist, a clinical nutrition expert, a doctor, an acupuncturist, or one of our many therapies, including bio-identical hormone optimization, NavaRX Weight Loss, IV drip therapy and more.

Accountability: We will continue working with you over time, taking a proactive approach to wellness and adjusting to achieve positive results.

When you come to Nava Health in Boca Raton, you will find acupuncture customized for your specific health needs. Every one of our acupuncturists is a licensed professional who understands how to assess your body from a traditional Chinese medical model. Acupuncture reaps more significant results when paired with our other functional medicine services, therapies, and products.

An Integrative Approach to Acupuncture in Boca Raton, Florida

Living in Boca Raton, Florida, you are likely no stranger to healthy living. With miles of beautiful pathways and beaches in the area, there are regular reminders to stay active. Yet experiencing optimal wellness requires more than regular exercise— and that’s why you need the personalized support of Nava Health. Come to us for a customized wellness plan that can dramatically change your health in the near and long term. From functional nutritional guidance to acupuncture services, our therapies, supplements, and integrative medical resources help you live life to the fullest!


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