COVID-19 Response

Nava Health & Vitality Center's COVID-19 Response

On behalf of the entire Nava team, we hope this message finds you in good health.  As the world adapts to these unusual circumstances, I wanted to share that we are diligently working to stay up with changes while doing everything we can to keep our staff and clients safe. In response to the coronavirus, we have taken additional measures to make our cleaning and hygiene protocols even more rigorous:

  1. Keeping our facilities clean and sanitized throughout the day
  2. Practice of social distancing
    1. Schedule appointments with limited staff and clients in the facility at the same time
    2. Separating clients into different rooms when they are in the facility
    3. Keeping clients 6 feet from the front desk when checking in or out
  3. Conducting all appointments virtually that do not require an in person facility visit
  4. All prescriptions and supplements are being shipped directly to clients homes
  5. Screening visitors multiple times before a facility visit and upon entering the facility for COVID-19 symptoms or exposure

We are open for business!

I want to take a moment to thank our staffs who are very dedicated to our clients and their health and wellness. They understand that it’s imperative for clients to continue their treatment especially during a time like this. Our practice is focused on optimizing our client’s health at the root cause.  Nava is geared toward strengthening the immune system to fight against symptoms of aging, disease and chronic illness.  More and more data continues to show pre-existing conditions are causing higher morbidity rates. Most of these conditions can be treated, improved and in some cases eliminated. Please let us help.

As it is being reported, it appears that the new cases are peaking and could start to turn down the next few days and weeks as we are seeing in areas like New York and New Jersey. We have heard from many clients who are starting to feel the effects of not being able to continue all their treatments. We are watching the situation closely and are planning to be back to full operation as soon as possible.  Right now we are targeting the beginning of May as the time that we will have all treatments available.  But, things are changing very rapidly and we will do so when it makes the most sense.


If you have any questions, please call Nava at 1-800-762-6282

Stay safe and God bless

Bernie Dancel, CEO
Nava Health and Vitality Center

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