[Press Release] Nava Health debuts innovative new brain scan technology, WAVi the first day of Brain Awareness Week (March 13-19th).

Doctor reviewing brain scan image
March 13, 2023

COLUMBIA, MD., March 13th, 2022 – Nava Health Introduced the cutting-edge WAVi brain scan technology to its growing integrative and functional medical practices in the Maryland and Northern Virginia region.  

WAVi (Wavelet Active Visual Information) is a comprehensive brain health assessment tool that can provide valuable information about an individual’s total health. The WAVi brain scan uses advanced technology to measure brain function and identify potential cognitive issues or abnormalities affecting an individual’s overall health. 

By assessing an individual’s brain function, WAVi can help identify areas of cognitive weakness and potential neurological disorders affecting an individual’s total health. The assessment can provide information on an individual’s cognitive function, attention, memory, and processing speed, which can help diagnose conditions such as ADHD, dementia, concussion, or traumatic brain injury. 

WAVi can also provide insights into an individual’s emotional health and well-being. By analyzing brain activity patterns associated with stress, anxiety, and depression, WAVi can help identify potential mental health issues and recommend appropriate treatment options. 

The WAVi brain scan can also help identify potential physical health issues. For example, studies have shown that changes in brain activity patterns may be linked to cardiovascular disease and diabetes. 

In addition, WAVi may be used as part of a more extensive health assessment to identify potential risk factors for age-related cognitive decline and the mitigation of chronic illness, contributing to improved quality of life and potentially extending longevity. 

Nava Health will use WAVi as a foundational diagnostic tool, helping to identify cognitive strengths and weaknesses, personalize an improvement plan, and provide another data point to assess the effectiveness and impact of prescribed treatment protocols.   

For more information on Nava Health, visit www.navacenter.com. 


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Nava Health is a vertically integrated, tech-enabled healthcare practice combining integrative, functional, preventive, and regenerative medicine. Our innovative medical practice uses a data-driven, personalized approach to optimize health and increase longevity. We provide each client with an individualized wellness roadmap tailored to their specific symptoms, medical needs, and personal goals. All client wellness roadmaps result from a proprietary diagnostic process, the “Nava Method,” which utilizes data and specially designed software to create optimal personalized client outcomes. To learn more visit navacenter.com 


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