Food Sensitivities and Your Body

Understanding Food Sensitivities and Your Body

Suffering symptoms from food sensitivities, also known as intolerance, is more common than you think – and potentially more dangerous as time goes by undiagnosed. Understanding food sensitivities is critical to avoid issues like…

Bloating. Digestive Problems. IBS. Lethargy. Diarrhea. Brain Fog. Headaches. Nausea. Skin Disorders. Fatigue. Autoimmune Diseases. ADD/ADHD. Anxiety/tension. Constipation. Food cravings/Eating disorders. Vitamin/mineral Deficiencies. Asthma. Ear infections. Arthritis. Gout. Fibromyalgia. Unexplained weight gain or loss. AND MUCH MORE.

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Food intolerance occurs when the body can’t digest a food or food component properly. While people with true food allergies generally need to eliminate the offending food altogether, people with an intolerance will fight symptoms that range from mild to severe – most often triggering inflammation that can be linked to a wide variety of chronic health problems like obesity and diabetes, as well as skin, heart, joint, and digestive disorders. Adding to the trouble, symptoms may be inconsistent and delayed, making them incredibly difficult to diagnose without lab analysis.

Nava’s food sensitivity testing is a critical component in further customizing health plans to each client based upon their goals, health problems and body chemistry. From weight loss to aesthetic challenges to chronic conditions – and many other health struggles, the integrative team of Nava practitioners has a greater chance at targeting solutions that can successfully attack the root of a problem. Nava’s sensitivity panel will cover more than 500 antibodies to get a complete picture of your situation and starting your journey toward living life at 100%.

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