[In the News] Nava Health Senior Associate Medical Director, Dr. DeRosa, Share Tips And For Protecting Brain Health In Menopause

May 14, 2024

Nava Health Senior Associate Medical Director Dr. Angela DeRosa was recently featured in a Forbes article that outlines what needs to change to address women’s health needs in menopause adequately. 

“Menopause may also occur as a result of surgery or medications that suppress ovarian function, such as aromatase inhibitors used to protect against breast cancer.

While most of what we see portrayed in the media regarding menopause relates to symptoms like hot flashes and appearance-related changes that occur, such as weight gain, there are other important health issues that providers want women to be aware of that can occur during the transition into menopause, especially when it comes to metabolic health and brain health.

Dr. Angela DeRosa is a board-certified internist with specialties in women’s health and hormonal health. She is the senior associate medical director at Nava Health Centers, the founder and CEO of the Hormonal Health Institute, and the Medical Director for Belmar Pharma Solutions. When protecting women’s health throughout the life cycle, she says, “It’s about providing the tools and resources and building the platforms.”

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