BHRT Pellet Therapy for Men

BHRT Pellet Therapy for Men
Medically Reviewed
April 7, 2021

We get it. You’re a man, so you don’t think hormones affect you. But did you know that the endocrine system circulates around 50 different kinds of hormones throughout your body? And that if one of these hormones gets out of whack, the rest of them are affected?

Why does that matter? Because hormones are the chemical messengers that affect all of the processes that go on inside your body. If you are a man and don’t think that hormone replacement applies to you, we’re here to change your mind.

Hormone fluctuations happen in everyone- men, women, young old- they don’t discriminate. Most of the time, these fluctuations may cause a little discomfort or inconvenience like it did when you went through puberty. There are times, though, when the fluctuations are extreme and result in a hormone imbalance that can negatively affect your daily life and overall well-being.

Like women, men also experience declining hormone levels as they age. It’s natural, but it can cause serious health issues and a decline in your quality of life.

The symptoms of hormone imbalance used to be something you just lived with, but not anymore. Modern science has given us the ability to replace the hormones that need to be replenished safely and effectively through BHRT Pellet therapy. Let’s break it down.

What Does the BHRT Stand for?

BHRT stands for bioidentical hormone replacement therapy (BHRT). Bioidentical Hormones have the same molecular structure as the hormones produced by the human body. These hormones are derived from natural sources – like yams – and can lead to fewer side effects and risks than traditional hormone replacement therapy. If you have too little of a hormone or too much of one, BHRT pellet therapy can get them back into balance.

What are BHRT Pellets?

Hormone replacement pellets are about the size of a piece of rice, and it is filled with custom compounded bio-identical hormones and binders.

How Does BHRT Pellet Therapy Work?

The first thing that happens is that you get your labs done so your provider can see what’s going on with your hormones. Once the provider determines what is needed, the pellets will be customized to your unique physiology.

To get the hormones in your body, your provider will make a small incision in your hip and insert the pellet. It will remain under your skin for about 4-6 months, releasing timely doses of hormones into your system. Within two to four weeks, you should begin to feel hormone therapy benefits.

How Can You Benefit from BHRT Pellet Therapy?

Let’s talk about symptoms.

Are you getting weighed down with weight gain?

Are your muscles getting weaker or smaller?

Do you suffer from constant fatigue?

Are you having difficulty sleeping?

Does erectile dysfunction mess up your plans?

Is low libido getting you down?

Have you been hit with depression?

Sometimes these symptoms are dismissed as the result of stress, but it’s usually a low testosterone problem. Hormone imbalance can happen at any time of life, but it’s most common when your testosterone levels start to decline. They start declining at the rate of 1% a year in your thirties and then fall rapidly when you hit middle age. This “male menopause” is clinically termed andropause.

Now Let’s Talk Solutions!

Not only does BHRT pellet therapy rebalance hormones, but it can improve many conditions in men, including andropause, depression, anxiousness, low sex drive, decreased bone density, and heart health. Other benefits include:

  • It can reduce body fat
  • Assist in weight loss
  • Boost your energy
  • Decrease your anxiety
  • Increase your muscle mass and strength
  • Boost your sexual performance and desire

When Do You Need to Get Bioidentical Hormone Pellet Therapy?

There is no specific timetable for deciding when to begin hormone therapy. It’s up to you. But if you answered “yes” to one or more of the symptoms we listed and you want to feel better, it’s time to get serious.

Men as young as age 30 can have their lives disrupted by hormonal imbalance. The symptoms can stack up quickly, or they may take years to accumulate.

What Kind of Hormones Are We Talking About?

A decline in testosterone levels is the most common culprit for hormonal imbalance in men, but that doesn’t mean that you couldn’t be dealing with a thyroid disorder or low progesterone, so it’s best to work with a qualified practitioner who has experience in hormonal imbalance.

What Are the Side Effects of Bioidentical Hormone Therapy?

Compared to other forms of hormone therapy, BHRT side effects are few. Testosterone replacement therapy does have a few common side effects like:

  • Acne and/or oily skin
  • Decreased testicular size
  • Mild fluid retention
  • Decreased sperm count
  • Elevated red blood cell count

If you have been previously diagnosed with prostate cancer, you must seek approval from your primary care physician before pursuing hormone therapy.

Are You Ready to Feel Your Best? Nava Center Can Help

When you work with the hormone experts at Nava Center, you can expect a completely customized treatment plan that takes every facet of your life into account. There are many different factors that impact your health and hormone levels, from your lifestyle to diet to exercise and more. Our mission is to create a holistic, complete plan for wellness – not just offer a way to cover up symptoms.

It all starts with a convenient 15-minute phone or virtual consultation where you will speak to a practitioner and about your needs and goals. Based on the lab work results of your in-depth self-assessment and comprehensive wellness diagnostics, your Nava practitioner may determine that BHRT is the best way to help you address the side effects resulting from a testosterone imbalance.

If you are a candidate, our practitioners will create a customized plan of treatment. After your start on your therapy, our medical staff will perform appropriate testing and follow blood levels closely to ensure the safety of any recommended hormone imbalance treatment. You can rest assured that our BHRT pellet therapies include ongoing support, careful monitoring, and advanced diagnostics.

Contact us today to schedule your appointment to start feeling your best!

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