Don’t Let St. Patrick’s Day Ruin the Day After

St. Patrick's Day IV Therapy | Nava Health
Medically Reviewed
March 17, 2015

Twenty percent of adults plan on having a drink today to celebrate this year’s St. Patrick’s Day. That drink will most likely be a Guinness, as the well-known brew serves more than 13 million pints on St. Patrick’s Day, more than double any other day. So for the 33 million Americans that claim Irish ancestry planning to celebrate next week, most will need more than the luck of a four-leaf clover to aid their recovery the day after.

Dehydration is the root cause of nausea, headache, and body aches associated with hangovers. Instead of just stocking up on aspirin and water, people can feel like themselves again faster if they seek out a quick, simple and more innovative treatment. One such new trend is IV Micronutrient Therapy—a special blend of key vitamins and minerals administered through a slow intravenous infusion.


By introducing these micronutrients directly into the blood stream, users receive optimal absorption rather than counting on less effective traditional oral supplements. After treatment, which usually takes no more than a quick half hour, people can expect the relief and stamina they had the day before the festivities and get back to their day instead of wasting time feeling miserable.

So call 855-670-6282 today to book your appointment for the day AFTER St. Patrick’s Day and get back to feeling like yourself fast!