Everything You Need to Know About Morpheus8

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August 22, 2022

Have you been dreaming of an all-in-one minimally invasive treatment that could rejuvenate your skin, contour fat, and give you the appearance of having undergone a facelift without the surgery? Guess what? Your dream has come true with Morpheus8 treatment!

What is Morpheus8?

This is a non-invasive skin treatment that uses fractional RF energy to target the deeper layers of your skin – which means it can stimulate collagen production and remodel fat. The innovative technology encourages the building blocks in the deep layers of your skin to reorganize themselves into a natural anti-aging process that tightens the skin and makes it more elastic.

Morpheus8 combines this RF energy technology with microneedling, making it superior to standard collagen induction therapy or microneedling alone.

What are the Benefits of Morpheus8?

1 Morpheus8 delivers the results you expect from a technologically advanced microneedling treatment and more!

2 Since this treatment can lift and tighten the skin without incisions or surgery, it’s the perfect treatment if you are looking for gradual, scar-less skin correction. As an advanced microneedling treatment, it penetrates deep into the skin and fat, rejuvenating aging facial features and providing the benefits of a facelift without the need for surgery.

3 The basis for Morpheus8, fractional RF energy, is scientifically proven to

  • reduce fine lines and wrinkles
  • rebuild collagen (tighten skin)
  • remodel fat
  • fade stretch marks
  • improve skin texture
  • minimize acne scarring
  • lift and tighten loose skin

4 The treatment is minimally invasive with little downtime and no discomfort. In addition, it consistently provides uniform results.

5 RF microneedling keeps the skin intact and leaves hardly any scars and little to no thermal damage to the outer layer of the skin.

6 The provider delivers the energy that stimulates rejuvenation to a customizable depth beneath your skin, where your body produces collagen and elastin – and where your unwanted fat lives!

7 Customizing the depth means that Morpheus8 provides better skin contouring, tightening, and wrinkle reduction and a more comfortable experience for you.

What Does Morpheus8 Treat?

Surgeons can use it to target smaller areas such as your face and neck. Morpheus8 Body, on the other hand, was specifically designed for remodeling subdermal and dermal tissues in larger body zones like your arms and abdomen.

Morpheus8, as we said, is particularly useful for the face. It provides revolutionary non-surgical microneedling that produces the benefits of a facelift without incisions. Plastic surgeons can also use Morpheus8 to remodel your facial fat tissue to create your desired smooth, sleek appearance.

Depending on how deep your dermis is, Morpheus8 can preserve fat and tighten skin or remold the fat and improve the definition of your jaw line, jowls, and neck without losing the fullness you need to maintain your youthful appearance.

Morpheus8 is also ideal for dark skin tones and safe on skin type VI with little risk of post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation (PIH).

How Does Morpheus8 Work?

The technician places the device on your skin surface, applying energy between the needle and an external electrode. The combo of RF energy and microneedling increases collagen and elastin production, coagulates fat, and shrinks connective tissue to tighten and rejuvenate the treated area.

The device has dual handpieces:

Morpheus8 for smaller treatment areas.

Morpheus8 Body for larger areas and deeper tissue.

The dual technology handpieces deliver:

  • tissue ablation (destroys abnormal tissues) to promote skin renewal
  • collagen remodeling
  • subdermal adipose tissue (deeper, unwanted fat) remodeling

Morpheus8 delivers triple action for deep skin treatment:

  • coagulates fat
  • contracts connective tissue
  • heats sub-necrotic bulk (dead or devitalized tissue)

How Long Does Morpheus8 Last?

Although Morpheus8 results are permanent, your skin will benefit from a maintenance session every six months. The average treatment includes between three and six sessions; the number of sessions is determined by what you’re trying to correct and your skin type. This is because collagen and elastin fibers become thinner and looser as you age, causing your skin to lose elasticity naturally and become more prone to wrinkles and sagging over time. With annual treatments, you’ll continue stimulating collagen production and keep your skin smoother and more supple.

Does Morpheus8 Have Side Effects?

Morpheus8 treatment provides maximum results with minimal side effects. Because of the nature of the treatment, patients may experience some redness, mild bruising, pinpoint bleeding, and swelling in the first 24 hours. Some patients have reported getting bumps or grid marks on their skin. Most side effects will resolve within 24 to 72 hours following treatment.

During the healing process, it’s important to follow your Nava provider’s aftercare guidelines to prevent skin damage and scarring – those who avoid picking or tugging at their skin heal more quickly with better results.

How Should I Time a Morpheus8 Treatment?

Because there are some side effects, you might opt for an appointment on a Thursday evening or Friday so that you can relax over the weekend and let your skin heal. By Monday, your skin should normalize, and you’ll be ready to resume your usual activities!

What’s the Difference Between Morpheus8 and Micro-needling?

Morpheus8 combines two clinically proven treatments – microneedling and minimally invasive radiofrequency treatment. These treatments trigger collagen and elastin production, tighten fibers, and contour fat.

The difference is that ordinary microneedling can only target skin to a depth of 1.5 to 2 mm. Morpheus8 has much more reach, and your Nava provider tailors it to your needs. The depths that Morpheus8 can reach range from 0.5mm to 7mm. This means that Morpheus8 can go much deeper than microneedling and contour fat at deeper depths while also targeting superficial skin rejuvenation.

In addition, Morpheus8 can treat the entire face and neck in one treatment, including delicate tissue around the eye and thicker skin around the neck and jawline.

Is Morpheus8 For Me?

If you’re healthy and want to reduce the signs of aging without going under the knife, then Morpheus8 might be perfect for you. It’s suitable for all skin types: dry, normal, oily, and sensitive.

If you want to address unwanted neck and chin fullness, rough skin texture, acne scars, large pores, stretch marks, wrinkles, fine lines, and loose skin, then it’s worth your time to make your dream come true! Schedule a consultation today!

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