How to Eat while Traveling

How to Eat while Traveling
Medically Reviewed
May 29, 2015

How to Eat while Traveling

While I love to go away with my family, what is most daunting is “what to eat.” In the past, this has been so difficult, that I let myself go, eat what I wanted and was free of restraints. So, are you interested to know How to Eat while Traveling?

The problem was, the older I got, and the more I learned, the kickback from my body got worse. While away, and thinking I was “free,” I would get moody, my face would flourish with acne, would get major headaches, and I would not be able to wear the same pants on the way there. (Really and seriously, I would have to go home in sweats!)

So, I want to share some ideas with you, not from a perspective of “look how perfect I am” but rather, this is how I keep myself sane. For me, it is “insane” to come home having gained 10 pounds in a week! (and I was good at it!) For me, it no longer works to come home and detoxify for the next month.

Use this list as a stepping off point. Don’t think you have to do them all at once during your next rip away, but rather incorporate them little by little. See what works FOR YOU and what doesn’t work. Take care of yourself. Doing a few simple things during a trip can save you a lifetime of roller coaster dieting.

1) Drink a ton of water while traveling.

More then you are used to. Going on a plane is quite dehydrating and this goes far to help your body cope. Also, thirst can mask itself as hunger. So during this time, “premeditate” with water and hopefully you will keep this habit up when you go home.

2) Bring a Vitamix

Really you say?? No way! Yes, it’s true. My smoothies are amazing, I love them, and they keep me satiated in the morning while everyone is eating croissants and cream cheese slathered bagels. I put the bottom part in my carry on, since it is so heavy and put the carafe in my luggage. If this is too much, buy a “bullet” at Target. Cheap and easy.

3) Protein powder

Even if you don’t have a blender of some sort, the powder will set you up well for the day. It will reduce hunger, reduce cravings and keep you strong against temptations.

4) Flexible cutting board

Even though these are frowned against in my “normal life.” On vacation, these are a game changer. I can make a quick salad, cut fruit up, and keep my food protected.

5) Ceramic Knife

Like the cutting board, they weigh next to nothing, are easy to carry in the checked baggage and are a life saver.

6) Toss your Tupperware

I get the temporary kind and I bring a few pieces. Usually, I don’t use these it in my daily life, but on trips, they are lighter than regular Tupperware and I can carry my food!

7) Eat some cut up fruit

I don’t carry around a whole orange! I can’t stop at the pool and peel one. No time and too much work. But, I can peel a few in the morning, stick them in a container and wash my hands after.

8) Carry food on the plane

There is nothing good to be gained by eating airport food or those little pretzels they give you on the plane. Refined, white flour and salt just set you up for disaster. Find a few options that YOU like and bring them on with you. For me, I like rice cakes, humus, apples (they don’t go bad if tossed around a bit – more hardy than other fruits), dried fruits and grapes.

9) Put favorite foods in checked luggage

We take a bag of brown rice, rice cakes, my supplements, dried fruit, sweet treats, and other things so that when we get there, we just have to get produce.

10) First stop from the airport is the grocery store

There, I stock up on water (crazy expensive in any hotel and I drink a lot!!) greens, veggies and fruit.

11) Get a room with a refrigerator

If you tell them you have food intolerances, most hotels will do this for free. Right now, we have two little ones. I am happy as a clam! Funny how a refrigerator can satisfy me.

12) How to eat while traveling? Just carry food with you.

I know, this is my main mantra. I carry around cut up fruit, humus and my rice cakes. Yesterday at the pool, while everyone was dining on their chicken nuggets, hamburgers and fries (albeit elegant ones) I pulled out my gorgeous salad and fruit. I got tons of comments and most asked where I bought it from. Rather than isolate me, my salad was a conversation starter where others were asking and wanting some too. I know everyone “wants” to eat better, they just can’t figure out the nuts and bolts of it.

13) Go easy on yourself

Don’t criticize or beat yourself up if you can’t be “perfect.” Seriously! This is about progress, learning what works, learning what doesn’t. It is about self care and self compassion. And now you know How to Eat while Traveling!. These easy, doable things make all the difference for me. Do you have anything you do on trips? Would love to hear about them.