How to Get Mentally Unstuck: Life Coaching

Medically Reviewed
October 12, 2017

Feeling like an aspect of your life is missing or ‘wrong’?  Building walls or barriers when you feel like you should be knocking them down instead? Seeing a negative pattern during a life transition? We have all been there… We get stuck in our thoughts, emotions, or actions and cannot see the light at the end of the tunnel. Many individuals find that one part of their life may be out of sync with the rest. That’s why, today, we will show you How to Get Mentally Unstuck with life coaching!

However, feeling accomplished and staying positive throughout hardships can be beneficial to our mental health and even prevent future chronic disease while reducing stress. Life Coaching can help those searching to positively impact their life by developing a strategy to restore balance while creating a new energy and focus. Through Life Coaching, you can achieve goals that help create the life you truly deserve and aspire.

You may be asking yourself, “What is a life coach?” We decided to do a one-on-one interview with Joda Coolidge, Nava’s Director of Life Coaching, to better understand what Life Coaching entitles and how individuals, through choice and action, can build a rich, full life marked by joy, engagement, and success. So, read on, as we show you How to Get Mentally Unstuck.

What is Life Coaching and How to Get Mentally Unstuck using it?

Joda Coolidge: When asked the questions of should I get a life coach and who can benefit from using a life coach? My reply is everyone! Why? Because life coaching is the process of creating your best life and determining how YOU define that best life. Life is constantly evolving and at various times of our lives we are trying to determine what would make us the happiest in our careers, our relationships, our health, our sense of purpose or contribution, and with ourselves. What does a life coach do exactly? It helps people move forward and set personal and professional goals that will give them the life they really want!

Through the life coaching process once the goals are identified, the life coach helps to identity how to achieve the goals with an accountability process put into place. If the client is not making progress towards the goals the coach is able to identify through the coaching process what is getting in the way and keeping the client stuck. Often times the barriers to moving forward can be something we are afraid of or an uncertainty of success that keeps us stuck. Coaching allows the client to face those challenges in a supportive and collaborative way with their coach. Achieving your goals can bring confidence, peace of mind and more purpose and clarity in your life.

What is Life Coaching all about and how is it different than seeing a psychologist?

JC: A life coach can help you formulate a plan to make a significant change in your life and objectively through professional tools help you see new perspectives or identify new strategies to accomplish that plan.  Psychologists are typically working on emotional resolutions to past problems while a life coach works with what is here now and where do you want to go. Both professions however are focused on helping clients create their best life while possibly using different tools and strategies to get there.  In both cases people get help to grow, tackle their problems and become happier and more productive in their lives.

Can I hire a life coach for a short-term, special project or is it long-term?

JC: Yes, absolutely! Some clients have a specific goal in mind related to their career or a specific relationship —spouse, parent, child, friend — where they are trying to make a change and find a path forward but feel stuck. Sometimes it feels like there are no options. In coaching we learn that there are ALWAYS choices. Sometimes it feels really difficult to make the right choices because it feels too hard. Some clients work with a life coach for a number of aspects in their lives while others meet with a coach three to six times to work on a specific issue. A lot of progress can be made in a few sessions depending on the issue. This will absolutely help you learn How to Get Mentally Unstuck.

Why has life coaching become so popular and can it help me learn How to Get Mentally Unstuck?

JC: In today’s society we have become so disconnected from ourselves and each other while also feeling overwhelmed and stressed from the demands of life. Ironically social media and technology has added to a feeling of “compare and despair” where everyone else’s life looks so good compared to ours. We have become confused about what “success” really is and we have lost a sense often times of what makes “us” happy. Often times we live our lives by “shoulds” — I should keep this job even though I am unhappy — I should stay in this relationship even though I am miserable – I should lose 30 pounds even though I am emotionally not ready. Life coaching has become popular because people are feeling the weight of all this stress and want to embrace a more balanced and more fulfilling life. They recognize that moving forward sometimes requiring having a Sherpa (a life coach) to be your guide to get there. What is the purpose of a life coach? To help clients eliminate the “shoulds” and embrace the “wants” in life.

How to Get Mentally Unstuck, the meaning of it and what specific age do people experience this?

JC: Being stuck is being at a place in some aspect of your life that is not allowing you to move on or grow. As a result, the impact of being stuck is the inability to have a fully realized life or be able to claim the happiness you deserve. It is important to know people can get stuck at ANY age, but also in any aspect of their lives: career, sense of self, health, etc.

Is it normal or common to feel stuck in life?

JC: Absolutely! It is not only common, but I will confidently say every single person has felt or gotten stuck at least once and sometimes we may not even be able to recognize it. People can be stuck on anything, big or small. It does not have to necessarily be monumental or life-altering like a divorce or career change, but just a story that we keep playing in our head and do not know how to pause it. Life coaching helps develop a new, improved version of yourself. I like to present these sessions as a software development, each session represent the latest “app update”, giving you access to the latest “features” and improved stability.

How do I change the way I feel and move forward?

JC: There are three key steps to moving forward after feeling stuck. First, we have to realize we are feeling that way and why. The second step is seeking and gaining clarity on why we feel paralyzed about a certain decision, choice, or disappointment we cannot fully recover from. Lastly, we must be willing, but most importantly open, to move forward. A life coach can help you do so, but if the individual is not open to discussing options or is willing to make a change, it might take longer than expected.

How can Life Coaching help someone who is (mentally) stuck?

JC: If you are still asking yourself, “What do life coaches do?” it is crucial to understand life coaching helps individuals rediscover their strengths and talents while building on what is good in their lives right now. It also focuses on solutions and options, rather than dwelling on past or problems. The benefits of life coaching include improved self-confidence and motivation, enhanced communication skills, improved personal relationships, and better work-life balance.

How do I get a Life Coach?

JC: When looking for a life coach one of the most important aspects to consider is “connection.” As with any relationship it is important that you feel you are being heard and that the professional coach is able to co-partner with you in your process of growth and change. Coaches are trained to use specific skills and utilize tools that effectively help the client achieve their goals and move them to being unstuck. The client and coach can usually determine connection and effectiveness in the first 15 minutes of a session. Additionally though be sure to hire a life coach who has certification with a reputable coaching school (CTI, Coach U, etc.) as well as has been practicing coaching for a minimum of 150 hours. The field of coaching is currently going through steps to insure individuals have proper accreditation and training as recognized by the International Coaching Federation. And now you know How to Get Mentally Unstuck. Have questions?  Contact us today.