Acupressure For Respiratory Issues

Medically Reviewed
October 5, 2015

Acupressure For Respiratory Issues

Autumn according to Chinese Medical Classics is the time of the Lung and the Large Intestine channels.  Lung and Large Intestine symptoms include respiratory issues and elimination issues and can also show up in how our skin appears.  There is an emotional component to the season as well.  This is often attributed to the days getting shorter and colder, and certainly the return to the normal work and school schedules that we often take a break from during the warmer days of summer. As seasons change so will our bodies and certain health related symptoms will suddenly appear. Now, are you ready to learn more about Acupressure For Respiratory Issues?

Do you want to know how to use Acupressure For Respiratory Issues?

Taking a proactive role in your health is a critical step and is why Nava clients receive customized plans toward helping them feel, look and perform better. If you are experiencing any seasonal issues, we recommend coming in for an acupuncture “tune up”, which can work toward improving your immune system during this critical time.

Here are some ‘self-help’ tips for balancing the energies of the season through two simple points that you can press on:

LI 4- This point is called Joining Valley because of its location between the thumb and index finger, but it also has another name the, Great Letting Go.   This point is particularly effective to support your psycho-emotional state, including helping with grief and seasonal changes. In addition, this point is great for headaches and sinus-related issues.  However since this point is considered the command point for the head, it can be used for any problem in the head and face area, including acne, toothaches, vision problems and sinus congestion.  It can also help circulate the Qi which can help people who feel stuck. To locate this point, make an L with your index and thumb.  Follow the thumb down along where it meets the index; feel around the thicker part of this area for a sore spot.  That will be the point and is a specific Acupressure For Respiratory Issues!

LU 9- This point is a major point to build up the lung channel and help relax the chest.  It is useful in healing all types of respiratory disorders including shortness of breath, asthma, COPD, wheezing and runny nose. This point can be located in the wrist crease where the thumb meets the wrist crease.

Both these points can be used to help fight off seasonal issues and build the immune system for cold and flu season.  To treat yourself with these points locate the sorest spot based on the above descriptions and apply moderate pressure for at least 30 seconds.  Be sure to get both sides.  Doing this daily should help for a smooth transition from Summer to Fall and Fall to Winter.

It’s important to understand the best way of managing yourself toward living life at 100% is to be proactive and integrative with your health care; one thing can’t tackle it all. That is why Nava clients have a customized plan, the Custom Vitality Plan, which targets all of your symptoms and goals through multiple therapies and recommendations. To make it even easier, we offer Nava Preferred Clients a free therapy each month, which will allow you to try acupuncture and other holistic therapies with the highly skilled practitioners at Nava. We hope you enjoyed learning all about Acupressure For Respiratory Issues! Contact us today for more information.