Congratulations to Guest Blogger Rachel Druckenmiller!

Rachel Druckenmiller | Nava Health
Medically Reviewed
February 16, 2015

A regular contributor to our blog here at Nava, Rachel Druckenmiller was recently named the #1 wellness professional in the country!

Over 210 entries for the title were scored by an elite panel of judges as part of The Wellness Council of America’s Top 100 Health Promotion Professionals Awards, designed to highlight the best of the best! Founded more than 25 years ago, WELCOA is one of the nation’s most respected resource for building high-performing, healthy workplaces, with more than 5,000 corporate members.

In addition to being the country’s top wellness professional, Rachel is also a Certified Health Coach and Wellness Consultant.

Here’s a sampling of Rachel’s past posts here on the Nava Experts blog:
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Rachel’s own health journey has inspired her mission – to transform the way people think about food and to help them find energy, healing and optimal health by changing how and what they eat.

You can learn more by checking our her blog: Rachel’s Nourishing Kitchen. You can also follow her on Twitter @Rachel_Druck and Facebook.