Do Gluten-Free Products Make You Fat?

Do Gluten-Free Products Make You Fat?
Medically Reviewed
April 13, 2015

Many people have been asking the question “Do Gluten-Free Products Make You Fat?” So, today we will be giving you the skinny (pun intended) and sharing a little story to help you understand more.

Years ago, a girlfriend and fellow nutrition expert suggested I go gluten free. Now, mind you, I had no gastric upset. I had no belly aches, or heartburn. I did have some extra weight though and was really “draggy.” Ok, I finally relented.

The next day, I went to my market and got a ton of gluten free products. I got gluten free pasta, gluten free breads, gluten free cookies, gluten free dressings…I was going to try them all. And, it was thrilled really because for years, breads and cookies were kind of off my list.

So, the next few weeks, I dove, nose first into this new lifestyle and I was like a pig in…well, you know what! After a while though, I noticed my clothes being tight and a little more thickness in my face.

When I saw Kasia again, I told her what was going on and had attributed it to hormone changes. She asked me what I was eating and a smile came over her face. My darling, you are eating “products.” That is what she said to me.


Yes, all of the “gluten free” refined, packaged yummies out there, are still products. That means, it is not “real” food. They don’t satisfy, make you crave, and can keep your weight on.

There is another problem though, more serious then cosmetic, most gluten free products spike your blood sugar. In fact, in a study recently done, gluten free bread was shown to spike blood sugar even more then sugar itself. What does that mean for you?

If you have any issues with diabetes, or are pre diabetic, watch out, these products mess with blood sugar levels. That also effects hormone levels. So, one thing snowballs into another and did I mention FAT STORAGE!?

So, if you really are serious about going gluten free, and I think we all need to consider this…come in for a consult. Let’s work together to help you achieve this lifestyle without gaining weight or damaging your health. Truncate the process by getting coached. I know you will be glad you did!