Don’t Eat These 9 Foods on a Semaglutide Diet!

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Medically Reviewed
September 13, 2023

The CDC shows that roughly 42% of U.S. adults are clinically obese. Obesity has been linked to many chronic diseases and health problems, making it a significant health concern.  

Medications like Ozempic, Wegovy, and other semaglutide-based drugs were created to manage diabetes. They have gained popularity as a vital tool in weight loss due to their effectiveness in weight loss and blood sugar control.   

Weight Loss Drugs – How They Work?

These weight loss medications work by influencing hormones to reduce appetite and slow down digestion. However, their success also relies on a balanced and thoughtful diet.  

At Nava Health, achieving and maintaining a healthy weight is critical to managing a longer, healthier life. Equally crucial to weight loss is learning how to eat mindfully.  

Our NavaRX medically supervised weight loss program features semaglutide to assist in achieving weight loss goals and consistent guidance from certified nutrition counselors. Nava Health certified nutritionists specialize in teaching our clients how to eat with intention, fueling their bodies for optimal function, and eating foods that don’t cause inflammation.   

To ensure your success, our certified nutrition counselors have compiled a list of 9 foods to avoid while on a Mounjaro, Ozempic, Wegovy, or semaglutide-based diet. 

9 Foods to Avoid on a Semaglutide-based Diet:

  1. Sugary Beverages – It’s crucial to cut out sugary beverages. Sodas, energy drinks, and sweetened fruit juices can cause spikes in blood sugar levels and undermine the effects of your medication. Opt for water, herbal teas, or beverages sweetened with non-caloric alternatives.
  2. Highly Processed Foods – Foods high in refined carbohydrates, such as white bread, pastries, and packaged snacks, should be avoided. These foods cause rapid increases in blood sugar levels and contribute to insulin resistance, counteracting the benefits of your medication.
  3. High-Fat Fast Foods – High-fat fast foods contribute to weight gain and can lead to digestive discomfort due to the slowed digestion caused by semaglutide-based medications. Greasy, fried foods can be hard on the digestive system and may result in nausea, bloating, or discomfort.
  4. Excessive Added Sugars – Look for hidden sugars in cereals, yogurt, and savory sauces. Excessive sugar consumption can disrupt blood sugar control and hinder weight loss efforts.
  5. Starchy Vegetables – While vegetables are generally healthy, it’s important to moderate starchy varieties like potatoes, corn, and peas. These can lead to higher carbohydrate intake, affecting blood sugar levels and interfering with the medication’s mechanisms.
  6. Full-fat Dairy – Whole milk and full-fat dairy products are high in saturated fats. They can be problematic for those aiming to lose weight and manage blood sugar. Opt for low-fat or non-dairy alternatives to ensure your diet remains heart-healthy and effective.
  7. High-Sodium Foods – Foods high in sodium, like processed meats, canned soups, and salty snacks, should be limited. High sodium intake can lead to water retention and affect blood pressure regulation.
  8. Artificial Sweeteners – While artificial sweeteners are low in calories, they can sometimes lead to cravings for sugary foods, undermining your weight loss efforts. Moreover, some people might experience digestive discomfort when consuming these sweeteners in combination with semaglutide-based medications.
  9. Large Portion Sizes – Lastly, be mindful of portion sizes. Overeating, even healthy foods, can lead to spikes in blood sugar and hinder weight loss progress. Practice portion control and listen to your body’s hunger cues.

Start Reaching Your Goals with Weight Loss Medication from Nava Health

A journey towards better health requires careful consideration of the foods we consume. Therefore, Ozempic, Wegovy, and other semaglutide-based medications can be powerful tools in managing weight and blood sugar, but their effectiveness is closely tied to dietary choices.  

By avoiding many of the foods and beverages we’ve listed, you can optimize the benefits of your NavaRX medically supervised weight loss program and make substantial progress towards your health goals 

Always consult your healthcare provider and a certified nutrition counselor to tailor these recommendations to your needs and ensure your journey is safe and successful. 

Schedule your appointment today. 

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