Fun Ways to Stay Hydrated

Medically Reviewed
August 23, 2017

Fun Ways to Stay Hydrated

“Water your roots, so your soul can blossom.” We all have heard the benefits of drinking a lot of water throughout the day, but few of us ever even consider the consequences of not doing so. For the skeptics still asking “why drink water?”,  lack of adequate water intake, or dehydration, is directly linked to cognitive impairment, mood changes, and even delirium. So, are you ready to learn some Fun Ways to Stay Hydrated!

Many people do not make it a priority to hydrate throughout the day because they are too busy, not thirsty, or simply not fond of the taste. The health benefits of water are endless and affects all parts of your body:

  • Benefits of drinking water for wellness: it  increases energy and relieves fatigue

  • Benefits of drinking water for skin: it improves skin complexion

  • Benefits of drinking water for weight loss: it increases feelings of fullness and promotes weight loss

Ana Goldseker, Nava’s Director of Nutrition, suggests the trick to drinking more water is to carry a bottle with you at all times and DRINK it.  She also shared a quote one of her teachers once told her: “The secret to pollution is dilution.”  In other words, to help with getting rid of bad toxins in your body, it is crucial to drink water!

Most people think they need to guzzle 8 glasses every single day, and do not get enough water because they dread the thought of it.  That is why we must reconsider this concept! A few sips every hour is an easy way to break this huge goal into smaller, more attainable steps. It is okay to go slow!  Just a warning, make sure to pay attention if the thought of drinking pure water turns you off.  This may be a sign that your diet contains foods that are too sweet, salty or refined. Below, we listed some fun life hacks to help you look forward to drinking more water:

1. Tracking, Not One of the Most Fun Ways to Stay Hydrated, but needed!

Find a container you love, and track your water intake to make sure you get enough daily (even if you have to write hourly markers as reminders on your water bottle). If you are feeling fancy, consider buying yourself a water tumbler, and even monogramming it. Side tip: Purchase one with a straw; some clients have shared that it convinces them to drink more water faster. Although this is not one of the most fun ways to stay hydrated, it is absolutely needed!

2. Reminders

Set a mobile phone reminder or alert to drink a glass of water every hour, even if you are not hungry- that will easily make it 8 glasses a day! If you are in the office, download one of the many free drinking water apps that will help make it easier to remember to stay well hydrated by simply buzzing.

3. Snack

Snack on fruits and vegetables with high water content, including watermelon, cucumbers, or citrus fruits. Raw produce is loaded with fiber for detoxing, as well as vitamins and minerals for nutritional support. Even all the supplements in the world could not replace the nutritional value from eating fresh fruits and vegetables.  Get in at least one serving per meal.  Use fruits as your snacks, make vegetable soups, add veggies to your meals by steaming or sautéing them, and even throw in some greens (like kale, romaine, or spinach) for extra good measure.

4. Freeze it Up

Freeze hydrating pops and turn them into delicious, fun treats. They will turn into your source of fuel and hydration! Mix and blend your favorite fruits and add some coconut water or lemon juice for a revitalizing, clean taste. Make sure to pick fruits with high water content. This is quite easy – just fill the Popsicle molds and freeze for an hour. If you need to add a touch of sweetness, try adding raw honey or even almond butter.

5. Coconut Ice Cubes: One of the most Fun Ways to Stay Hydrated!

Make some coconut water ice cubes and add them into your water, smoothie, or drink of choice for an extra boost without losing its flavor. Simply freeze coconut water in ice cube trays and throw them in sparkling water or eat them alone as a sweet, refreshing snack. Either way, you will love sipping down your drink with this tropical twist.

At Nava, we understand water is the most important nutrient your body needs and recognize the positive effects of drinking more water, but we also know it is often overlooked. While hydrating, it is very important to reduce alcohol and coffee consumption as they are the source of the diuretic effect. It is also crucial to lessen the consumption of overly processed, refined foods since they can cause severe dehydration and diminish the benefits of increasing water intake.

As an integrative and holistic medical practice looking to optimize your health, we recognize our clients’ needs for an electrolyte solution when they feel run down or dehydrated.  Our Myer’s Cocktail contains Vitamin C, Magnesium, B-Complex, B-12, Folic acid, Lidocaine and Sodium Bicarbonate.  This combination of vitamins supports the body and helps to balance and reduce inflammation. Proper hydration can help fight chronic illness including hormone imbalances & adrenal fatigue. It can also help with migraines, skin elasticity and weight loss. By infusing these vital minerals directly into your bloodstream, we can naturally revitalize you to look and feel your 100% again. Contact Us today to learn more. And now you know Fun Ways to Stay Hydrated!