How to Prevent Allergies Holistically

Medically Reviewed
April 7, 2017

How to Prevent Allergies Holistically

Many people believe that seasonal allergies are a necessary evil, something that just comes with the change of the seasons. However, allergies can be prevented — and treated — just like any other inflammation-based chronic disease.

With the right approach, you can fully enjoy the change of the seasons, and leave the stuffy-itchy-scratchy-congested symptoms behind. For those with severe seasonal allergies in the DMV, it’s crucial — especially considering that the Washington, D.C. region is consistently identified as one of the toughest areas in the country for seasonal allergies. And while over the counter treatments can be effective, for some of us it isn’t enough. Let’s explore some strategies for natural allergy prevention.

Strengthen your immune system. The symptoms we experience are exaggerated immune responses to environmental substances (think pollen, grass, etc), and with a boosted immune system, you can correct this exaggerated response and experience fewer and less intense symptoms. You can naturally strengthen your immune system in these key ways:

  • Immune-boosting supplements, such as curcumin and transferrin.
  • Intravenous vitamins with high dosages of vitamin CLearn about Nava’s Micronutrient therapy here.
  • A gastrointestinal reset: A large percentage of the immune system is located in the gut, and a healthier gut lining will yield a more balanced immune system. Maintaining a diet of whole foods and vegetables, in addition to probiotic supplements, results in a healthier gut.

Identify any food allergies to cut down on the body’s natural histamine response. If what you’re eating is producing a histamine effect and you’re experiencing seasonal allergies, it can wreak havoc on your symptoms. At Nava, we offer a food allergy panel in which we’ll identify food allergies in order to reduce the stress to your immune system.

Support adrenal gland function. The adrenal glands play a critical role in healthy immune function. They also produce cortisol, the steroid your body releases to fight inflammatory response (such as the responses induced by season allergens). Nava’s Adrenal Function Profile can help identify irregularities in your cortisol levels, and thus strengthen your body’s reserves to fight the inflammatory response that the body mounts against allergens.

Encourage lymphatic system draining with massage. Massage is a powerful way to open up the lymphatic system (or the sewer system of the body), so that the body can more efficiently rid itself excess mucous produced from the allergic response. Learn more about Nava’s therapeutic massage here. We hope you enjoyed learning How to Prevent Allergies Holistically!