How to Use Nava Rx for Weight Loss

Medically Reviewed
May 15, 2015

How to Use Nava Rx for Weight Loss

Jackie B., Age 53, Florida

I struggled with my weight my since I was a child. Like most of us, I was not blessed with great genes, a high metabolism, and a love for exercise. But, I never knew How to Use Nava Rx for Weight Loss.

Through the years I tried everything to lose weight; over the counter diet supplements, the grapefruit diet, the Atkins diet, counting calories, cleanses, etc. all with varying degrees of success including none.

At one point, I had successfully lost 40 lbs on Weight Watchers only to gain back 10 of those lbs.

That’s when I hit a wall.

I would lose a few lbs, then gain them back twice as fast. When I retired just over 2 years ago and moved to FL, I decided to take control of my weight and focus on a healthier lifestyle. I quit smoking, began walking 5 miles a day, and once again, tried a myriad of gimmicks to lose the weight once and for all.

Just as before, I would lose a couple of lbs then gain them back at warp speed. It was becoming increasing harder for me to stick to any program because I wasn’t able to sustain any weight loss long enough for it to become my new normal.

A few of my friends had tried Nava Rx and were very successful in losing weight. Admittedly, I was extremely skeptical when they told me about the plan. Of course they were going to lose weight, at 500 calories a day who wouldn’t lose weight? Was this just another gimmick?

Then, we went on vacation and I saw how great one of my friends looked in her two piece bathing suit, something I could only wear in my dreams. It wasn’t just that she had lost weight, she lost it in all of the right places and looked healthy and happy. Maybe Nava Rx wasn’t a gimmick? Maybe it could work for me?

Long story short, I began Nava Rx on December 30, 2014. I was thrilled I was able to participate in the program even though I was out of state.

The Nava staff was extremely helpful and supportive through every step of the process.

I had hoped to lose 20 lbs on one cycle of Nava Rx. This would put me several lbs under my goal weight to plan for the inevitable weight gain I had always experienced. The nutrition expert, Joda, was phenomenal! She was supportive, responsive and full of helpful advice so that I would succeed. At first, the weight came off fairly quickly as did the inches in all of the right places. Then I hit that familiar wall. The weight loss slowed down and at the end of the cycle, I’d only lost 14 lbs from my starting weight. While I was thrilled to accomplish this in less than a month’s time (something I could never have done on my own), it wasn’t the 20 lbs I was hoping for.

But the plan wasn’t over yet, because I was about to learn How to Use Nava Rx for Weight Loss!

I still had 6 weeks of maintenance to complete and Joda not only kept me focused and motivated, but also educated me on the right foods to eat to get the nutrients my body needs (not an easy task for someone that doesn’t like veggies) and when to eat. She taught me to read food labels for hidden sugars and artificial ingredients, and to listen to my body and only eat when I’m hungry.

I’m happy to report that I lost an additional 4.5 lbs during maintenance and have lost another 3 since. Not only I have been successful in losing the weight, I feel great and more importantly in control of my weight!

For me, the best part about Nava Rx was the support and education.

I always thought all calories were created equal and that eating fat free and sugar free products (zero calorie artificial sweetness) were great choices. I could not have been more wrong!

For most of my adult life I had been making choices that actually hurt my weight loss efforts. Wow! Talk about an AHA moment.

I couldn’t be happier with my decision to work with Nava!

We hope you enjoyed reading this amazing testimony and glad you now know How to Use Nava Rx for Weight Loss. Contact us today.

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