How To Use FSA Funds at Nava

Medically Reviewed
December 23, 2016

Use it before you lose it!

With the year coming to a close, now is the time to make sure you’ve successfully spent your FSA funds. Learn how your FSA funds can be put toward Nava treatments, and end the year feeling whole, healthy, and energized!

What is an FSA?

FSA stands for Flexible Spending Account, and is a health savings program offered by many employers. It allows you to set aside pre-tax money for certain medical, dental and vision care expenses. If you have any questions regarding your FSA fund, contact your health insurance provider. FSA funds expire at the end of each calendar year, so December is the month to ensure all of your funds are accounted for!

How to I get reimbursed for my FSA-eligible service or equipment?

Simply ensure you receive an itemized receipt for the FSA-eligible service or supplies, and submit a claim through your health insurance provider. Most providers offer online (or even mobile app-based) claims services, so you may even be able to upload a photograph of your receipt for reimbursement shortly thereafter.

Which Nava treatments are FSA-eligible?

Most Nava treatments and supplements are FSA-eligible, but some may require a doctor’s prescription, which can be provided by a Nava practitionerClick here to see the IRS’s comprehensive list of eligible services, or browse the following Nava FSA-eligible treatments. Be sure to confirm with your insurance provider whether or not your requested treatment is FSA-eligible!

Nava services that are FSA-eligible:

Nava Wellness Diagnostic Visit: This is the first step in The Nava Method’s holistic, integrative approach. At this appointment, a Nava physician will ask you about your patient history and your health concerns, and administer a formulated assessment with lab diagnostics, which results in the development of a personalized roadmap to optimizing your health in the form of a Custom Vitality Plan (CVP). This plan is a personalized roadmap for you to achieve optimal health.

Nava Chiropractic Care: Any Nava chiropractic visit is FSA-eligible! The holiday season is a well-deserved time to readjust your body’s alignment, prevent future problems and injuries, and alleviate pain and stress. Read more about our unique, holistic approach to chiropractic care here, or call to schedule an appointment today.

Nava Acupuncture: It’s a little-known fact that acupuncture services are FSA-eligible. Visit our licensed acupuncturists today and reap the myriad benefits of this traditional Chinese treatment, which can address anxiety, depression, fertility and more. Come to Nava for acupuncture treatment and rest easy knowing that you’re making the most of your FSA funds.

The following treatments are FSA-eligible with a Nava practitioner’s prescription:

Nava Massage: The benefits of massage, especially paired with chiropractic care or acupuncture treatment, are boundless — treating everything from stress to muscle and joint pain, to migraines and chronic fatigue. Find out which type of massage is right for you, and schedule some well-deserved time with a Nava massage therapist today.

NavaRx Weight-loss program: Begin your weight-loss journey under the supervision of a physician, and get real results from a personalized weight-loss program that fits your needs.

Nava Elements: Nutritional supplements: We offer a collection of specially formulated nutraceuticals to supplement your diet and keep your body functioning at an optimal level.

Call Nava today to schedule your FSA-eligible service, or click here to browse our services!