Nutraceuticals 101: with Dr. Mark Sivieri.

Medically Reviewed
May 15, 2015

Nutraceuticals 101: with Dr. Mark Sivieri.

Nava Medical Advisor Dr. Mark Sivieri gives a brief introduction to our proprietary line of nutraceuticals as a part of our Nutraceuticals 101 video series!

In addition to our comprehensive set of integrative services, Nava’s collection of specially-formulated nutraceuticals (Nava Elements) are available to supplement your diet and keep your body functioning at an optimal level.

Our team of practitioners has personally selected our high quality, premium-grade supplements and they are specially formulated to complement the services our clients benefit from. After meeting with a practitioner at Nava, you will receive a recommendation from our selection of Nava Elements, including our easy-to-use Select, Select + Weight loss, and Select + Sport daily multi-supplement packs. Contact Us Today to learn more.

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