P-shot to Improve Your Sex Life

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November 3, 2021

P-shot or not to P-shot – that is the question! So, let’s skip the preliminaries and get right to it.

Are you suffering from erectile dysfunction? Reduced sensation? Peyronie’s disease? Lichen Sclerosis? Or want to increase the girth and length of your penis?

You’re not alone. Men across America have had the same concerns and frustrations. But many of them have successfully turned to a new treatment based on a decades-old technique called the P-shot. Are you ready to change your sex life?

Here’s what you need to know about the P-shot!

What’s a P-shot?

You may cringe when you hear this, but stick around! P-shots are a natural, non-surgical treatment that

  • Improves blood supply to the penis resulting in firmer erections and enhanced sexual performance and pleasure
  • Rejuvenates the penis by encouraging the growth of healthy, new tissue.

The P-shot for men is an injection of platelet-rich plasma (PRP) that the medical practitioner will inject into your penis. Wait! Before you click away, let us reassure you.

  • The injections are administered using a very fine needle.
  • The injections themselves will only take about 5 minutes.
  • Pain is minimal.
  • For many men, results are immediate!
  • There is no recovery time. You can have sex the same day as your treatment!

PRP Therapy: How Does it Work?

Let’s start by breaking down the term PRP.

Platelets: A type of blood cell that makes your blood clot. When your skin is broken, the platelets in your blood start the healing and repairing process. Growth factors and proteins stimulate your stem cells to produce new tissues, including blood vessels, collagen, and adipose tissue or fat.

Plasma: The liquid part of your blood is made of water and protein. It carries red blood cells, white blood cells, and platelets through your bloodstream.

PRP procedure: Your doctor takes a sample of your blood and places it in a centrifuge. The centrifuge spins at super high speed to separate platelet-rich plasma from red blood cells. The doctor loads platelet-rich plasma into a syringe and injects it into the area being treated. In this case, that would be the spongy muscle and the head of the penis. This means that your own cells and tissues help promote tissue growth and give you better erections.

The P-shot Procedure

The entire procedure will take about 30 minutes, but injections will take up only five minutes of that time.

The appointment will begin with the doctor taking about 30 ml of blood from your arm. Then you wait while the blood spins in the centrifuge. When that process is complete, the medical professional performing the procedure will take the platelet-rich plasma and load it up into syringes. The doctor will apply a local anesthetic to numb the area.

Then they will quickly administer the injections into five sites: the base of the head of the penis and along the sides of the penis into the corpora cavernosa. The corpora cavernosa are two empty sponge-like regions of tissue that flood with blood during an erection, enlarging the penis.

The injected fluid causes an immediate increase in size, which may decrease in size over the next few days as your body absorbs the PRP. New tissue growth will occur over the next 12 weeks, increasing the size again. Some men may require a maintenance shot eight weeks after the first treatment, and yearly maintenance shots may be necessary.

Risks and Side Effects of P-shot

Every procedure comes with some form of risks and side effects. Side effects from the P-shot for men are minimal. We’re going to start with what won’t happen. There will be NO…

  • scars
  • surgery
  • general anesthetic
  • overnight stay in hospital
  • risk of an allergic reaction

Here are the side effects that some men have experienced during or after getting a P-shot.

  • Minimal discomfort during the procedure.
  • A burning sensation after the injection.
  • Temporary bleeding, swelling, and tenderness at the injection site.
  • Temporary bruising.

A risk of infection at the injection site is possible but rare. To prevent infection, do not touch the injection site for a few hours after treatment.

When to Avoid P-shots

P-shots are suitable and safe for most men, but there are some exceptions.

Do not get a P-shot injection if you have:

  • a urinary tract infection
  • inflammation on your penis
  • a sexually transmitted disease
  • hypofibrinogenemia
  • a low platelet count
  • hemodynamic instability
  • sepsis
  • very low blood pressure

Men who are using anti-coagulation/blood clotting medications like warfarin, dabigatran, and heparin should also avoid P-shots.

Where to Go For a P-shot

The P-shot for men should only be performed by a qualified doctor or nurse who is trained and certified in this treatment.

If your primary care physician or urologist is not trained and experienced in performing p-shots, then visit a specialist.

This is your penis we’re talking about, so take time to do your research before you go in for a P-shot. Here are some quick tips to make sure you’re getting the best treatment possible:

  • Look for someone who is licensed or certified to practice medicine by a recognized medical board.
  • Make sure they have an established clientele with positive reviews and results.
  • Make sure they are easily available so you can communicate with them by phone, email, or through an office administrator.
  • See if they offer a “meet-and-greet” consultation or are willing to answer some of your initial questions.
  • Get information about what steps or options are involved in their P-shot treatment.

Cost and Insurance

P-shot treatment is considered an elective procedure, so it is not covered by most health insurance plans. You’ll want to check the cost upfront unless you have deep pockets.

Get your sex life – and your heathier and happier you – back!

We can help you feel your personal 100% at Nava Health. And we’re happy to answer any questions or concerns you have about the p-shot. Schedule an appointment today!


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P-shot to Improve Your Sex Life
P-shots are a form of PRP therapy (platelet-rich plasma) for men that enhances your sex life. Read everything you need to know about the procedure, possible side-effects, and how to safely find a practitioner.