Stay on Track while Traveling

Stay on Track while Traveling
Medically Reviewed
July 2, 2015

Stay on Track while Traveling

Probably every one of us loves to travel. Right? I know I do. But, when we do travel, things tend to get out of hand and you lose track of what you are supposed to do. In this quick article, I’m going to show you how you can Stay on Track while Traveling, in 7 easy steps. Ready? Here we go!

1.  The Number One Way to Stay on Track while Traveling: Stay hydrated.

Thirst masks as hunger. Thirst can make you crave sweets. While away, I get myself to a store asap and get a few bottles of water. This is one of the most important things I do for myself.

2.  Stay on Track with Traveling snacks.

Because of the change in schedule, and I usually don’t vacation alone, eating times are usually different then my usual. Therefore, I carry snacks. I do not want to be dependent on the crowd for when I get to eat. Traveling with snacks keeps me satisfied and keeps hunger at bay. Remember, you will make completely different choices when our hunger is at a level 3 then a level 9!

3.  Traveling with supplements.

Before I leave, I organize my supplements into baggies so that I can jut grab and go. Supplements are helpful in that they are healing, and rebuilding. I don’t want to stop that momentum. The trick is to organize it before and not travel with 10 bottles expecting to organize them at every meal.

4.  Another way to Stay on Track while Traveling: Keep to a few rules.

When traveling, you need some flexibility in your meal plan. I set down the rules for myself so that it doesn’t become a free for all, yet I do allow for flexibility so I can stay satisfied. For example, while away, I stay away from gluten and sugar, and yet I might have a little cheese on a salad.

5.  Have protein powder in the morning before you Travel.

I travel with a baggie of powder and a big screw top bottle. In the morning, I get ice from the hotel, put it and the protein powder in the bottle, and pour some water in. I shake it up and drink it before leaving the room. That “takes the edge off” and helps me stay satisfied throughout the day. I can then go to breakfast with the family and resist the croissants at the buffet because I am not craving. This is not as yummy as having the whole “smoothie” with blended fruit, but it is a great tool to keep me on track.

6.  Eat salads at every meal I can.

Salads are refreshing, satisfying and filling. Eating a salad before the meal, with olive oil and lemon goes far to keep me in line and not needing dessert.

7.  Remind myself that that good food makes me feel good.

I avoid the feeling of being “deprived” or being a “victim” because others are enjoying something that makes my stomach hurt.

We hope you enjoyed this article about how to stay on track while traveling. If you have questions, contact us today.