Tell Me About Nava IV Total Rejuvenation Therapy

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December 12, 2022

Wouldn’t it be nice if there were a way to repair the skin, detoxify the body, and even turn back the biological clock from the inside out?

It’s now possible with Nava IV Total Rejuvenation – the perfect solution for you if you’re serious about boosting your

  • immune system,
  • energy levels, and
  • collagen production.

The benefits of IV hydration therapy are often underrated. For example, it can restore your wellness and help with a variety of health concerns. So – before we dive deep into Nava’s IV Total Rejuvenation, let’s do a brief recap on IV therapy in general.

A Vitamin and Nutrients IV Cocktail

IV stands for intravenous. And it’s also what makes this treatment so unique and efficient.

IV hydration therapy consists of a cocktail of vitamins, minerals, enzymes, and even medications injected into your vein to address specific health issues and goals.

This high concentration of essential nutrients goes directly into your body’s cells and spreads through your entire body via your bloodstream.

The result is that you absorb and use the ingredients more efficiently than via oral supplements that get “filtered” by your digestive system. Your overall health and sense of wellbeing immediately improve.

Other remarkable IV therapy benefits include:

  • Immune system strengthening
  • Body detoxification
  • Quick relief of cold and flu symptoms
  • Optimal athletic performance and recovery
  • Reduced inflammation and pain
  • Increased anti-aging benefits

Customized Infusion to Meet Your Wellness and Beauty Goals

IV infusions can be customized with different vitamins and micronutrients to meet your goals – whether you need to

  • boost immunity,
  • support cellular function,
  • improve mental clarity,
  • accelerate wound healing, or
  • just look and feel younger.

After a consultation with a Nava specialist and a detailed medical history, you’ll get a tailored treatment plan based on your health issues and needs.

And if your goal is to reduce the signs of aging, this is where you can learn everything about our powerful IV treatment anti-aging cocktail! You’ll find that our potent and comprehensive antioxidant formula detoxifies your liver and supports your heart and brain while improving your looks.

However, why stop there?

What is Nava’s IV Total Rejuvenation Therapy?

We also offer an IV treatment in which the infusion contains double the fluid to help your body hydrate and recover faster.

The nutrients are suspended in saline solution, which allows them to flow easily into your body and give you a good hydrating boost.

What makes the IV Total Rejuvenation so special is its composition. In it, there are vitamins, acids, and a generous dose of glutathione – an essential mineral naturally produced by the liver, which exists in every cell in your body.

Glutathione reduces oxidation and repairs skin cells, helping restore your natural pigmentation and complexion.

In addition, combined with a double dose of vitamin C, glutathione boosts your immune system and helps break down nutrients. It also detoxifies and cleanses your body from any bacteria or radicals, regulates your cellular metabolism and energy homeostasis, and fights the main symptoms of aging:

  • Low energy
  • Dehydrated nails, skin, and hair
  • Fine lines, wrinkles, sagging skin
  • Infections
  • Weakened muscles and bones

These are all issues we know you want to avoid for as long as possible! So let’s look in detail at the IV therapy ingredients.

What’s Inside the IV Total Rejuvenation Bag?

As we’ve indicated, the bag contains a blend of antioxidants and essential nutrients that restore and promote healthy skin, hair, and nails – as well as supplements that detoxify the liver and support the heart and brain.

Here are some of the main benefits you can expect from this infusion:

  • An energy boost
  • Hydrated skin, nails, and hair
  • Reduced appearance of wrinkles
  • Greater prevention of illness
  • Enhanced muscle recovery
  • Improved eyesight

To understand why and how this infusion can effectively manage the side effects of aging, let’s take a close look at each component of Nava’s IV Total Rejuvenation treatment.

500mg Bag of 0.9% Sodium Chloride (Normal Saline)

This blend of water and sodium chloride is the base to which we add minerals, vitamins, and medications according to your health needs and goals. It helps to hydrate your body.


Known as the “master oxidant,” glutathione not only improves your skin’s complexion and appearance but also optimizes cellular function, enhances immunity, and supports the neurological system.

Ascorbic Acid (Extra Vitamin C)

In high doses, vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant that helpsregenerate skin cells and tissue. It’s also essential in fighting cold and flu symptoms, healing wounds, boosting immunity, and helping keep bones and teeth healthy.

Sodium Bicarbonate

This base substance helps your body maintain a balanced pH, removing excess acids and toxins and improving metabolic functions.


Essential for body functions, magnesium regulates muscles, helps your bones to stay strong and healthy, supports your immune system, and adjusts your blood sugar levels.

Potassium Chloride

This mineral is essential for regulating the functions of your heart, kidneys, muscles, nerves, and digestive system.

Vitamin B-Complex

The B-Complex includes eight types of B vitamins that are vital for your overall health. Some of its benefits include preventing infections, promoting the growth of red blood cells, boosting energy levels, improving eyesight and brain functions, keeping your hair, skin, and nails healthy, and enhancing cardiovascular health. What’s not to like?


This synthetic form of vitamin B12 helps your body transform fat and carbohydrates into energy. It also regulates blood cells and nerves.

Folic Acid

Crucial for brain and cell function, folic acid helps your body produce and maintain healthy new cells.

Rejuvenate, Revitalize, and Recharge with Nava’s IV Total Rejuvenation

That’s a powerful list of ingredients. However, at Nava Health, we understand that all bodies are different, so we customize your IV therapy for you, to include the right blend of micronutrients, vitamins, and antioxidants to target your anti-aging priorities.

In other words, we adjust our infusions to meet your exact needs and goals, so you can love the skin you’re in and rejuvenate from the inside out.

Schedule a consultation today and start your customized IV Total Rejuvenation Therapy at Nava Health.

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