The Best Approach to Health

Medically Reviewed
January 27, 2017

Don’t just resolve – reset in 2017 and learn about The Best Approach to Health!

With most New Year’s resolutions abandoned before the spring, it’s time to start thinking differently about rebooting your approach to health and wellness. Whether your health goals are to eat better, drink less, lose weight, or address a chronic disease, we believe that a holistic approach that blends both traditional Eastern and Western medicine is the best way to achieve long-term results and derive the benefits of optimal health.

A holistic approach to wellness treats the whole you — not just symptoms.

Your body functions as a system: where each part, no matter how small, has the power to affect the larger systems. The goal of wellness should be to address the underlying problem, not just to relieve or disguise the symptoms.

That’s why at your first appointment at Nava, we’ll ask you about everything from family history, medical history, diet, exercise, sleep habits, stress levels, lifestyle and wellness goals. We don’t believe that symptoms exist in a vacuum, and we’ll work with you to consider your holistic health, gleaning real, actionable insights from the whole picture.

An approach that features Eastern treatments and Western medicine blends

What does Nava’s blend of Eastern and Western treatments mean for our clients? Integrative Eastern and Western medicine incorporates both medicinal and natural forms of treatment that complement and heighten the affects of each other, so you reap the peak rewards of any treatments. For instance, we’ve talked before about how acupuncture can increase the efficacy of a weight-loss regimen by lowering stress and lessening food cravings. Or, how massage therapy and IV nutrition work together to bolster your immune system.

The blend of Eastern and Western treatments we recommend will vary, based on your needs and goals. Based on your first assessment and the lab results, we’ll develop a Custom Vitality Plan (CVP). Since the best plan is one designed exclusively for you with the purpose of achieving optimal vitality, your CVP is tailored to account for every facet of your health and lifestyle, and provides every opportunity to be successful through the use of medical experts, highly trained and accomplished therapists, sophisticated services, and premium grade nutraceuticals and supplements.

Take the first step in resetting your approach to your healthMake an appointment at Nava for a comprehensive wellness diagnostic, and begin treating the whole you. We hope you enjoyed learning more about The Best Approach to Health!