Top Challenges of Eating Out

Top Challenges of Eating Out
Medically Reviewed
June 19, 2015

Top Challenges of Eating Out

Restaurants! Sheesh!! It’s time that we all learn about the Top Challenges of Eating Out.

I find eating out challenging. I am not going to lie. Until our society “gets it” about food linked to disease and is willing to change its behavior, I am afraid this will be tricky. You see, restaurants are open to make money, and that is what our country wants. I celebrate that! Hooray for free markets! But then, we need to be aware that restaurants aren’t concerned about your health. They shouldn’t be – we should!!

I have to take extra care when I eat out as there are very few options in our area. Here are a few things I do. Hoping it will give you some ideas.

I tuck a small container of my favorite dressing from home in my purse, order a salad and voila!

Ask if the soup they are offering is vegetarian and dairy free. If it is, I will try it. Here is the big caveat though…. get ready…. I know from working in restaurants that sometimes the chef will use the water from the pasta (I kid you not) to “thicken” the soup. That makes a bowl of gluten! – so I am careful to look for that.

I order salad and then order a baked potato to fill me up. If they don’t have a potato and I need a heavier meal, I will resort to rice.

Pre-eat! I never go to a restaurant hungry. My husband does this too and we have averted many disasters because of this.

I have a sweet thing or snack waiting for me for the ride home – if the food is not satisfying, then there is a treat waiting for me. I have sliced fruit, a raw macaroon or dried fruit.

I order vegetables from other entrees and make a meal out of that. Order some sides of vegetables and a salad.

I know, call me “crazy,” call me “high maintenance” or call me “extreme.” I have spent many nights trying to sleep on a bloated belly, after being “polite” at a restaurant. It’s just not worth it.

Here’s to a good and satisfying meal! And now you know the Top Challenges of Eating Out! Questions? Contact us today.