How BHRT Can Help with Healthy Longevity

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October 19, 2023

Are you looking for an effective therapy that will bring you healthy longevity?

Advances in science and our growing understanding of aging have fueled the possibility of this dream becoming a reality much sooner than anyone expected.

So – “reversing” your biological age so it lags behind your chronological age is now a possibility!

From making lifestyle adjustments and dietary interventions to asking for customized medical treatments like bioidentical hormone replacement therapy (BHRT) – it’s there for you to access today.

We’ve often indicated lifestyle adjustment for healthy aging. We’ve also talked about functional nutrition to give your body the nutrients it needs to age well.

So today’s article focuses on how BHRT can help you address the physiological changes of biological aging – providing you with the potential for a healthier longevity and therefore a more vibrant future.

Essentially, BHRT can help reverse biological aging by targeting the root causes of the undesirable symptoms you experience as your chronological age progresses. This often involves hormones!

chart showing definitions of chronological age vs. biological ageBHRT Therapy to Optimize for Healthy Longevity

Aging brings issues that affect how you look and feel. Wrinkles, low sex drive, fatigue, reduced muscle mass, and brain fog are just a few signs that your body and brain are getting old.

These changes can drain your energy and challenge your sense of health, vitality, and overall quality of life. In addition, you may find you’re in danger of a leaky bladder or putting on too much weight.

Overall, finding a therapy that increases your chance of healthy longevity seems a good idea!

The main reason BHRT can help you improve all these symptoms is because it deals with hormone imbalance.

As you age, there’s a natural decrease in the production of specific hormones crucial for your wellbeing. And that’s where BHRT can help rewind your biological age and make your chronological years healthier and happier.

Let’s look more closely at BHRT as an “aid” to healthier aging.

What is  BHRT? How Can it Help Increase Healthy Longevity

Fluctuations in your hormones during menopause, and eventual decreases in production, are the root cause of many of the trials of aging, such as

  • mood swings,
  • low libido,
  • poor-quality sleep,
  • unwanted weight gain,
  • vaginal dryness,
  • adult acne,
  • low bone density,
  • lack of collagen, headaches, and much more!

BHRT restores your hormonal balance and therefore relieves these symptoms associated with aging.

That’s because your hormones work together to organize everything in your body. Keeping your various hormone levels in the normal range for a younger person as you age means they can work together like they used to.

For example, you’ll experience a more stable mood, better quality sleep, a more satisfying sex life, and your skin will benefit – among many other improved symptoms.

All these things contribute to reversing your biological age. In other words, BHRT acts as an anti-aging therapy.

Why is BHRT Safe and Effective in Helping to Preserve the Quality of Your Health as You Age?

Due to its natural sources and the identical nature of the hormones used in BHRT, this therapy is less likely than synthetic hormones to cause you undesirable reactions or risks to your health.

In addition, we tailor BHRT to each patient’s unique hormonal needs. This can reduce the risk of side effects associated with one-size-fits-all hormone replacement therapies.

Still, like any medical treatment, BHRT must be approached with care and under the guidance of a healthcare provider specializing in hormone replacement therapy. This maximizes its safety and effectiveness.

You should also have regular monitoring and adjustments to your hormone levels to ensure the therapy remains safe and beneficial as a way to help you age healthily.

If you’re curious about how BHRT can improve your quality of life as you age, you can schedule a consultation with Nava Hormone Replacement Experts today and get answers to all your questions. But if you want to explore more about the benefits of BHRT to help you age well, keep reading.

Here’s a question we often get asked…

Can Bioidentical Hormones Reverse Aging?

Aging is a complex process that involves genetic, environmental, and lifestyle factors. It also encompasses deep transformations in your body, including declining hormone levels – as we mentioned. In addition, you’ll undergo reduced muscle mass, skin changes, and other physiological and cellular alterations.

So, it’s a bit too simple to say BHRT can turn back your biological clock. But taking your hormone levels back to normal can definitely help you resolve some specific symptoms of aging. In this way, it rewinds your biological age compared to your chronological age. And this, in turn, leads to healthy longevity.

Here are some of the ways BHRT can act as a therapy to help you age well.

1 Alleviation of Menopausal Symptoms

Hormone imbalance is the culprit for all those sleepless nights you’ve endured due to hot flashes and night sweats. BHRT can restore your estrogen, progesterone, and testosterone levels – which drastically drop with menopause. This improves not only your sleep quality (essential for healthy aging) but also your

  • mood,
  • energy levels,
  • cognitive reserve (your brain’s ability to improvise and adjust), and
  • overall sense of wellness.

2 Bone Health

As you age, hormone imbalance impacts several body functions, including your bone health. BHRT – particularly with bioidentical estrogen – helps maintain your bone density and reduces the risk of osteoporosis in postmenopausal women.

This is significant in aging well, because falls and bone breakages prevent you accomplishing all the other lifestyle things that contribute to aging healthily. For example, socializing, exercising, and keeping your weight to “healthy for you.”

3 Improved Libido

Aging doesn’t mean the end of your sex life. If you’ve been suffering from a lack of sexual drive or pain during intercourse, again you can blame it on the hormones. But BHRT can help to recover and enhance your sexual desire and function.

This, in turn, is a crucial aspect of aging well if you want to have a vibrant sexual relationship.

4 Cardiovascular Health

Combined with healthy lifestyle choices, BHRT may also benefit your heart. Some studies have shown that BHRT, particularly when it includes estrogen, can positively impact lipid profiles. This leads to a decrease in “bad” LDL cholesterol and an increase in “good” HDL cholesterol, which could potentially reduce your risk of heart disease and lead to healthy longevity.

When your heart works at its best, it supports the other aspects of healthy aging. Heart disease, on the other hand, can lead to emotional distress that negates your chances of living your best life as you age.

Nava Can Help With BHRT and Optimizing for Healthy Longevity

Aging is a natural part of life, but you can often keep your biological age younger than your chronological age so that healthy longevity becomes a reality for you. Nava has a range of functional medicine and rejuvenation therapies that will help you to live a longer, healthier life.

Our expert team of healthcare providers specializing in BHRT will create a treatment tailored to your unique needs, ensuring you experience the full benefits of aging well. Let’s talk!


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